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@brenndha_gomes Loveeee
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@lil_vortx I’m ur biggest fan
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@tri.bros.share.music Still my favorite song
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@bolinasportswear Just amazing
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@omni_ink Alot of hidden symbolism in this video.
@marla_suzette I can’t wait for the next song I can’t get enough 😭❤️❤️❤️ @theweeknd
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@happie_ana Hum ... okay it will talk to people i guess
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@thesounddreamers @omni_ink what do you think they mean ?
@omni_ink @thesounddreamers all I know is that the creepy dude on the girl represents something evil, like wise with the part that shows part of the earth in flames, also when the girl kisses the guy with the skull mask it represents more wickedness.
@florina.boar @omni_ink the scene with the girl and the creature im sure its a recreate of the painting "the nightmare" by henry fuseli
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@x_lolita_lola_x Yaaa okay. But wtf is this, hubby?
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@suty_god The beginning got me thinking bout when you got sleep paralysis and you see the demon in your bedroom about to kill yo ass and you can’t do nothin 🤣🤣🤣
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