IG Catherine Zeta-Jones | I can’t wait to bring these beautiful new blooms home! 💐


I can’t wait to bring these beautiful new blooms home! 💐

12 ม.ค. 62 - 01:29:16
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@noreenteta Oh they're heavenly 😍
@junetaozolina 💖
@adrianakassausk Waaau..💖
@nikkiemmen So gorgeous! You have such a romantic, theatrical soul, darling!💕
@linaloveproject ✨
@lopeshendry 🤙
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@escalantejesusmarquez Estoy reclutando guerreras únete a mi equipo 😘
@helenachristensen Wow so lovely and romantic these roses 🌹 @catherinezetajones
@covertsheree Happy Weekend! Beautiful Thank you!! 😘😍😗😘😄❤😘😘😘😘❤
@johnny.pop.art Great post. If you like art check out my IG. Just posted a new painting you might like!
@gustavoalfredoleonguaylupo Hermosas rosas para mujer hermoza
@c_mthlvg30 @catherinezetajones..these CANNOT be real! Where?
@vanadriva @rasti_antique_shop could you please tell me what kind of roses is
@mrskmg_ Beautiful blooms Xx
@luxurycollectionboutique 😍😍😍
@khusi_____143 Nice
@khusi_____143 Nice
@mv251274 So amazing💕🌹🌹
@virginia5901 💟
@yanbabe726 💓💓💓
@alia19191 They look even much nicer than a beautiful painting...
@samysaha Stunning bloom
@kealani58 Spectacular Bouquet 💕💕🌹
@whitehorseagency 💚
@fatmatankut.ft 👍👍👍👍
@megan_fox_51 💕
@bajwahananiqbal ❣️❣️❣️
@owensmartine 😍😍
@ruslanbaginskiy_hats Please check your direct ❤️
@odile2509france @catherinezetajones Your love for Michael is like a flower that never wilts. #happiness. #family. #TheKominskyMethod. #QueenAmerica.
@mayannastamper2059 Love the colors...great choice..Enjoy!
@rachel_mcadams0 Wow- How pretty roses are❤️
@mohamadalalak Huat Catherine I told him to get pictures of the past on your eyes❤️❤️
@superagent23 From your garden??
@suarezsergioenrique 🤙🌷🌷
@faye__________ Absolutely Gorgeous ‼️💕
@tapilotestela3 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚