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@gertacorati 😊💖❤️
@gertacorati I can come over there too
@gertacorati You want to come to the company I work?Is that what you meant in your triple J video?
@gertacorati I am having spaghetti with greek salad and qofte,without bread,it's been a long time since I don't eat bread
@gertacorati When we meet you will tell me what you like most beside rice
@gertacorati Because at the videos I understood you like sea food,but I did not understand very well what you were eating
@gertacorati Octapus is really tasty
@gertacorati Did you know we eat rice together with sea food,we call it rizotto here
@gertacorati When I come over there you will show me what places you like most,the most pictoresque ones,agree😊
@ugenieyaya 6.10🐻🐰love~😎👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨💕💕💕
@kjj_cxy 👍👍💓
@phantrixie ❤️😍😍👏
@matiga_rica JAEJOONG ROMANTIC RECIPES VOL.2 😊😍 Good morning! Have a happy Sunday to you JJ♥😘💕💕
@cocomimi43 ジェジュンの…次なにかなぁ?ってワクワク待ってる時間が好きかも💓
@ll_cyan_ll 재중の料理書~~~🤤🌝🙈
@shiovero 哥哥是要做手工吗
@889september Kim ทำอาหารเก่งเนอะหั่นหมึกหั่นปลา ทำเก่งมากๆ🏠🏠
@yew11_ @jj_1986_jj ジェジュンお疲れ様です☺️💓 またまたジェジュンにお手紙書かせて頂いてしまいました(*´▽`*)どんだけ〜!!!って感じだと思うのですが、 明日の真夜中に送らせて頂きますね😽📮_____💌. ジェジュンへお手紙書かせてもらうの、本当に楽しみのひとつですっっ😻😻😻 #사랑해
@2gethermay2 It's not your fault. You are the best singer❤️Be yourself, I love you.金在中加油!麻麻爱你❤️
@jjbebe.jj ジェジュン❤️行ってきます言ってくれたばかりなのに、ジェジュンのいない日本は寂しいよぉ😭ラジオはまだ先だし、でも帰って来てくれるのだからガマンするね😊
@imnisscass Come to Malaysia and get some rest. There’s many beautiful places here that you can relax your mind and body💕
@xxheroticxx 천사가 보여 💞
@rymbdllh43 He's really good 😳you look goodated🌚
@thuctrang_nguyen were you wearing a skirt?