IG Nick Carter | We love you so much #Chicago ! You always show us so much love every time we come back. Thank you!! #15thousandpeople #notacareintheworld #grateful #bsbdnaworldtour #dnaworldtour #cantstop #winning #championshiptown #bulls #blackhawks @unitedcenter


We love you so much #Chicago ! You always show us so much love every time we come back. Thank you!! #15thousandpeople #notacareintheworld #grateful #bsbdnaworldtour #dnaworldtour #cantstop #winning #championshiptown #bulls #blackhawks @unitedcenter

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@bloompeters41 👌👌👌
@bennett_carrie2014 Greatest concert of my entire life! Seriously! I've waited 26 years to see you guys!!!!
@veevee_87 Thank you for the best birthday gift ever!!!! I love you guys forever!!!! My birthday is August 15!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@kerriascott ❤️❤️❤️
@branco.elisabete ❤️❤️
@ajiamarieee Amazing show from the 15th row!!! Love you guys so much @nickcarter
@_melinda_sue_ Aj sitting there looking like 🔥.. 😂😍
@sabrinafranie Mi amor!😍😚
@wildvirgo16 @kyleeannartistry we should’ve gone!
@patiito.fbm 🇦🇷💗💗💗
@xxjturner90xx You guys were so amazing. My sister and I had the best birthday ever coming to see you ❤❤❤. Can't wait til you guys come back to Chicago!
@monkey859 @nicarter I have loved you since I can remember...and finally as an adult my dream came true and I attended my first Backstreet Boy concert I was so happy I couldn’t stop crying....I hope you guys continue to make more music I love your DNA Album and if you could please wish me a happy early bday I would so much appreciate it thanks 😘
@joniejahau Love you from mizoram
@fimomaniabylory 😍😍😍
@cyntiaohye ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@kelly_lil_red Incredible show in Chicago!!!!! Loved every second!!
@dagmara270 It was an amazing show! I am trult grateful I was able to met all of you! It was the best bday present and dream come true!
@liana_ps0805 Gostaria que este post fosse respondido, afinal você sempre fez parte da melhor epoca da minha vida, eu colecionava suas fotos, chorava quando te via na Tv, era emocionante torcer para que seus clipes fossem os primeiros das paradas e eu ficava ligando sempre nas radios pedindo suas canções. Como eu amo você Nick Carter . I Need you tonight minha canção preferida. 💕
@vivi1612_ 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💖💝💜❤️💕😘
@the.girl.w.kaleidoscope.eyes @nickcarter That was an amazing show Nicki!!! One of the best bsb ones ever!!! So much fun! So awesome to have that experience like it was the 90s again! I met you and @jordanknightofficial when you were on tour together in Chicago. I just love you so much! Loved you since I first saw you and still do! Can’t wait til your return to Chicago. Hopefully there will be another Vegas round too!! ❤️😘😍❤️😘😍
@selfmotivationeveryday 😍
@victoria_meador I cried through some of the songs!! Seeing you guys in Chicago last weekend made my life!! Been a BSB fan since the beginning! We were so loud and the whole arena was chanting your songs together it was amazing to see! Wonderful job the whole concert was amazing
@jaward108 @hleibs85 you missed your first love
@coriiannn Literally the best night of my entire life! Been a fan for 20+ years and I felt 13 again! The only disappointment, listening to DNA in my car will never suffice now...🤣 @nickcarter you boys rocked my face off!