IG Justin Bieber | I got that water


I got that water

13 ส.ค. 62 - 14:02:47
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@damngoodcasting looks like Barneys New York store in Beverly Hills.
@spitehotfire I usually carry a gallon with me 👅💦
@trinahelenprice Your gunna need after those stairs 😂😂😂😂😂
@kanbirkhatri Gbu!
@ingridsheilaconfidential Teenagers😂😂
@itskshorty Love her outfit
@savi_bansod your ducky tail😂
@nuinui.02 lose you to love me
@victorybabyy пидоры
@leoobaxy Lose you to Love me
@cortez_479 Lose you to love me @selenagomez
@kyawminsoe1996 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@merynapcbsaraya Is this Hailey
@hia.hout if anther woman steals your man the best thing you do it is to leave him for her cause the real man no one can steal him ( Hia Al Hout)
@justinbhailey ❤️
@_daleingrid 😍
@juniorkipelaofficiel The picture is nice 🔥