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Das facts das facts das facts das facts

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@lhatejakepaul What app you use to edit
@uggghitslucy thinking about this and how it still sends me
@esposnic this is so great
@annaka.bwah PLZZZZZZZ
@birdb0yy I loved the mov9e
@bawbeaka How could you ruin one of the best books of all time?
@hollymarmon I thought Goldfinch was a great movie well actually all your movies are awesome? Your one of my favorite actors. keep up the good work I will continue to keep watching all your movies new or old🤗
@mexarican_lala The fact that u playing @bia
@softyboris still think about this
@finnwolfic Bro
@finnwolfic 🔥
@dulce.hernandez i still think about this masterpiece
@insouqiance happy birthday
@ohheyitssneha still thinking about this
@kennyz.spamz i’m back and i’m still not over this
@hawkinsitgirl i think about this at least daily
@40yroldmen back for the trauma
@daiisies king shit
@honeyfilm.s i think about this twice a day
@honeyfilm.s anyway editors been real quiet after u posted this
@electracomputer This is my favorite pop culture moment
@lilyscreams i think ab this shit everyday
@mahsa.pptx It was a cultural reset
@asmimehta ok but the "fault in our stars" part i can't-