IG Halle Bailey | hi everyone 💜going live today (3.24) at 1pm pst for a lil mini concert for you all 🌍🌈staying strong together #togetherathome


hi everyone 💜going live today (3.24) at 1pm pst for a lil mini concert for you all 🌍🌈staying strong together #togetherathome

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@issa_cocooo Happy birthday Halle ❣️
@chch7181 pls follow me
@chch7181 nice pic, u guys r so pretty
@malcom_says Halleeeeeeeee!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍 like an angel!
@stephenwnix Happy Birthday! :) I love you! :) You're beautiful! :)
@stephenwnix I love you both! :) You're both beautiful! :)
@livingndaclouds Love y'all ❤️🙌🏿
@worldwide_vee Let’s work
@awesome_lupuswarrior_731 😍😍😍
@alright.gn.all.love.lights.out Hbd
@donricardodaley2019 Hello @chloexhalle I'm writing this letter to you praying and hoping you will see it, read it, understand and share my pain and hard time that I'm going through at the moment. My name is "DonricardoDaley" i am "25" and I'm from Florida. I consider myself to be a honest, diligent and trustworthy human being, getting help/assistance from you would be greatly appreciated in any way possible to you. I'm a persistent and determine kinda guy with no apology willing to go the extra mile to get anything i set my mind to done. I am not a actor but i always say i would love to try it i just need one chance to prove myself of such worthiness. I am presently unemployed and would appreciate any opportunity that comes my way that allows me to financially support myself.....
@shalaaya Can we talk about what y’all use to retwists your locs?!? Please
@matt2757 Hi @chloexhalle
@__dnyce 💋💋
@sherineopaleye You guys should do a tutorial on how to keep your locs so gorgeous! ❤️🙌🏽
@barick_daniel I'm on my Hov' uh uh uh! Talk to them C, one more time uh! @chloexhalle
@dashikidon Happy Birthday 🎁🎂🎊🎈🎉 G👁D bless you with many more!!
@aintthatkyra 😍😍
@tremurphy9 Y’all are just 2 beautiful 🔥👌🏽
@steph.masako 👽
@snapbacknotatts25 Love you kinda remind me of a young @halleberry all over again yes you do.. to me!! and people just love to be a SUCK AN FN FAN,me as well too lol that I can’t put what I meant to say up here!! Smh anyway like I said lil Halle Berry 💋 💋 happy belated bday again love and and enjoy plenty more to come!!
@heno_x8 💖🔥