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Our new album ‘3 (The Purple Album)’ is officially out worldwide featuring “Love Someone” & “NADTC” 🎶🎤🌎💜 New dates added!👇
  • From last weekend in Paris 🇫🇷 Thank you @taratataofficiel for the warm welcome! I enjoyed this show so much and a huge thank you to @roni.alter​ for singing a duet with me, making the night even more special. Link for our performance in my bio 🎤
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  • Nothing beats moments like these, when we’re together and the world melts away❤️ @rilloschwartz ❤️
    📷 @jonsosin
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  • I also thought this photo was super cute. And now you can’t delete it later...
    (Our national flag is 800 years old today and Pelle is doing it justice!)
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  • I was played a song and I fell in love with it. Now the girl who wrote it’s coming on tour with us! 🇺🇸
    Ladies & Gentlemen, @laurenduski
    Hit the link in my bio to see all our tour dates #thepurpletour
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  • Delayed all day still not home yet... So what to do?
    Beer of the day: Wisby Lager
    #lukasgraham #beeroftheday 📷 @jackiecaldera
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  • The happy pool boys /
    The crazy jungle boys
    Are back & we’re flapping free🔥🔥🔥
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  • I might be living my best songwriter life in sunny California. Still know where I’m from though.
    ❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛@theessence.dk making me feel like home no matter where I am! #raisedbyhippies #borninfreetown @christianiabryghus
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  • Ok. I’m ready for another nugget🐢 just saying... @rilloschwartz #lovesomeone
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  • Back in LA!🖊📕🎶🎤
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  • We’ll be back on the road in the US of A later this year and I honestly can’t wait!!!
    Currently writing a lot of new songs and enjoying the sun ☀️ looking forward to sharing them with you❤️
    What songs are you missing?
    What concepts or topics do you need me to write about?
    #lukasgraham #thepurpletour #lgusa
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  • A lovely intimate setting for a stripped down performance don’t you think?
    Love Someone on the @bacheloretteabc with @wpherrington & @jonsosin, missing @lovestick & @magnumonphire!
    Is it too intimate though?😅
    #lukasgraham #thepurplealbum #thebachelorette
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  • WOW, we actually get to visit Indonesia this year! The world’s most populous Muslim country 🇮🇩 We’re expecting a food safari out of this world, with spices, fresh fruit and vegetables😍 I have heard amazing things about Indonesian Durian... what else must we try? And in Jakarta what must we see? Link in story.
    Plus... more dates in Asia coming ASAP
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  • @grapehouse_studios hang w. @iamgeorgetaylor & @weareweslee 📝
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  • In my bunk on the bus. On route to Stockholm. Malmö was the bomb!
    Sleep tight ladies & gentlemen.
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  • “The darkness makes it hard to see the light.
    But the time is always right to do what’s right.
    If you only knew.
    I’m just as scared as you.
    You’re not the only one.” 📷 @hampus_carlsson
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  • This is what sound checking on a moving train cart can look like😂
    @jonsosin & @wpherrington 📷 @jackiecaldera
    #lukasgraham #thepurpletour #lgeurope #lgtour
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  • On my way to Paris 🇫🇷 with these guys! @lovestick @magnumonphire 🍷+🥖 =❤️
    Here’s a photo from Oslo, do we look happy😂 or just drunk?😅 I love you guys💜
    Ps. What was your favorite moment/song of our tour?
    📷 @jackiecaldera
    #lgeurope #thepurpletour #lukasgraham #lovesomeone
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  • Beer of the day: Aass Pilsner.
    Here I am, with my brand new Queen Magrethe picture, enjoying lunch at a street food court in Oslo.
    I’m very fond of this picture.
    #beeroftheday #lukasgraham #thepurpletour #lgtour #lgeurope
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  • It’s @livenation’s #NationalConcertWeek :D We’re celebrating by offering YOU $20 All-In tickets to our tour now through May 7! Link in story 📸 @michaelboelaigaard #lgtour #thepurpletour #lukasgraham
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  • Last night in Helsinki was epic!
    Next up, Oslo 🇳🇴 📷 @alinaivars
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  • Beer of the day: Lapin Kulta at restaurant Salva in Helsinki. I asked for a place where they served local food and was recommended this!
    Now I just hope the food tastes as good as the beer😂
    #thepurpletour #lgtour #lovesomeone #lukasgraham #lgeurope #beeroftheday
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  • Hope you like these pre concert shots! Sound check pictures from #thepurpletour 📷 by @tedings
    Next up is: Helsinki 🇫🇮 Oslo 🇳🇴 Göteborg, Malmö & Stockholm 🇸🇪
    #lgtour #lovesomeone #lukasgraham #lgeurope
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  • Repost from @mterstegen1 - “I had a good time with boys from Relatos Solidarios shooting the cover of the book. I got to meet Pare Manel, who’s simply incredible and has a big heart, as well as learn about his foundation @fundacio.pare.manel. I’m super happy about the result, the event we did and proud I’m to be a part of this wonderful project. All the money from the book goes towards the Pare Manel Foundation. Your support has been amazing and it will change the life of many kids in Barcelona! A big thank you @lukasgraham @magnumonphire @lovestick for letting me use your song “Love Someone”. “
    I just love it when people use their platform to do good💜
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  • That moment when you’re minding your own business trying to pay your bills at the local smiths, but instead end up taking selfies with the school kids touring your neighborhood😂💜
    @kvindesmedien #HappyHome #christiania #kvindesmedien
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  • We all know the feeling...
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  • Another stupid turist photo😂 La Sagrada, what an incredible piece of work. Can’t wait to see it finished! See you later at Razzmatazz, Barcelona.
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  • More tourist photos😂 #oldthings 🇮🇹
    Il Duomo. Makes me happy just looking at it, even in the pouring☔️
    And then, after lunch, a little practice with my daughter😜
    📷 @rilloschwartz
    Who’s coming to Fabrique, Milan tonight? And what are you looking forward to hearing?
    #thepurpletour #lgtour #lukasgraham #lovesomeone
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  • Here I am, looking like a tourist😂 because I am. And I like old things😅
    Here in front of Stephansdom

    #thepurpletour #lgtour #lovesomeone #lukasgraham
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  • The first 10 days have been wonderful & it’s been good to be back on the road! Now the 2nd half of our tour is coming up and we can feel it getting warmer☀️ If you haven’t all ready, go get your tickets! Link in bio.

    If you were at a concert, tell us how it was!!! And if you’re going to one, tell us where and what you’re looking forward to💜🔥🎶
    #thepurpletour #lgtour #lukasgraham #lovesomeone #stickaround
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  • Still high from tonight’s concert in Hamburg 🇩🇪 We drive to Vienna 🇦🇹 What’s must do in Vienna?
    📷 @lovestick
    #thepurpletour #lgtour #lovesomeone #lukasgraham
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  • How are you feeling today? Create your own Love Someone Spotify playlist based on your mood so you have the perfect tunes for your day 💜 Link in story
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