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Our new album ‘3 (The Purple Album)’ is officially out worldwide featuring “Love Someone” & “NADTC” 🎶🎤🌎💜 New dates added!👇
  • Flashback Sunday
    Watched this with Viola the other day and she totally knows it’s her dad on screen😂
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  • Ladies and gentlemen.
    I’m so happy to tell you that we’re coming back to Bangkok on the 28th of September! This time to perform a concert with the whole band :D
    I can tell you, that I’m gonna bring @lovestick and @magnumonphire on a food safari, so they can taste all of the amazing flavors Thailand has to offer! Besides the insects, the scorpion and durian, what should I make them eat while we’re in Bangkok?
    And what songs are you looking forward to hear? (I promise we’ll play 7 Years and Love Someone 😂) See you on the 28th of September 💚🇹🇭 Tickets go on sale August 30th, link in bio!
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  • Thank you ladies & gentlemen for allowing us to live out our dream.
    Last week we were touched beyond explaining, when we came home to perform at Smukfest.

    It’s on night’s like that, when the lights are flashing and the audience is singing along, that I wish my father was alive to see it. To hear it. To feel it.

    We’re massively great full to the 40.000 people who joined us in the forest to laugh, dance, sing & cry.

    Here are a few pictures from that epic night 💚 #SmukFest19 #noaudiencenoshow

    Foto: Michael Boe Laigaard
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  • 3 friends doing what they do best at @smukfest
    We still haven’t quite landed after that breathtaking evening in the forest❤️ thank you guys for lifting us to the stars and beyond.
    📷 @rilloschwartz
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  • Last night was lit 🔥🔥🔥 Back in 🇵🇹 and @expofacic was popping!💚❤️
    Now it’s rehearsals and next up is @smukfest 😍 who’s joining us for a hell of a party I the woods at Skanderborg?
    @wpherrington @jonsosin @magnumonphire @lovestick 📷 @mariocruzphotos
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  • Everyone I know has, at some point of their life, been heavily reprimanded by a woman dressed more or less like this
    😂😂😂 😅😅😅
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  • In the Airport. Hoping no one notices me like... 📷
    Safe travels and great game girls 🏀 🇩🇰
    Next stop: 🇵🇹 ❤️🔥
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  • 💙 Together with one of my favorite people at the one and only @hallegaard 💙
    What a summer @caddydaddy76 💙
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  • What an amazing photographer you are @rilloschwartz 🌊☀️💙
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  • Boys Will be boys @gaesten
    5-2 #justsaying 😇@caddydaddy76 😂 #takforkampen
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  • More dates have been added to our Purple Tour in Asia! And we’re going new places :D Taipei is going to be something special and we are performing live at NTU Sports Center, October 3rd 2019. Tickets on sale Sat, 27th July. Link in bio 🎫
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  • Representing the crew with the 🥇 & only @hennedub 🔥 bringing more🔥 to your sound system🔥
    📷 @tikirolin
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  • We’re coming back to Seoul in October! Can’t wait to perform in the Olympic Park and hopefully see more of this beautiful city :D Tickets go on sale next week on July 24th 🇰🇷 #LukasGraham #ThePurpleTour #LoveSomeone #LiveInAsia
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  • The clan at Knudegården❤️ Can you spot @rilloschwartz or @jan_rorvig hiding in this photo....
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  • 15 years apart
    Not a damn thing changed
    Except one of us is missing
    Happy birthday Willy
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  • Finally, it’s time for the yearly family holiday❤️ #Denmark #longdays #GoLocal #HappyHome
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  • A random photo from my hometown. Location: entrance to The Launderettes, Pusherstreet, Christiania.
    #StreetArt #vaskeriet #pusherstreet #christiania #nophoto
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  • It’s hot & getting hotter! Stay hydrated my friends.
    Eat your fruits & juice your veggies. An easy way to get water into & keeping it in your body. To stay hydrated and energized, I eat meal seize fruit servings on sweltering days like today!
    📷 @rilloschwartz
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  • A random photo from my hometown. Location: main entrance to The Starship, Pusherstreet, Christiania.
    #StreetArt #stjernehus #stjerneskibet #pusherstreet #christiania #soenbidder #nophoto
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  • From last weekend in Paris 🇫🇷 Thank you @taratataofficiel for the warm welcome! I enjoyed this show so much and a huge thank you to @roni.alter​ for singing a duet with me, making the night even more special. Link for our performance in my bio 🎤
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  • Nothing beats moments like these, when we’re together and the world melts away❤️ @rilloschwartz ❤️
    📷 @jonsosin
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  • I also thought this photo was super cute. And now you can’t delete it later...
    (Our national flag is 800 years old today and Pelle is doing it justice!)
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  • I was played a song and I fell in love with it. Now the girl who wrote it’s coming on tour with us! 🇺🇸
    Ladies & Gentlemen, @laurenduski
    Hit the link in my bio to see all our tour dates #thepurpletour
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  • Delayed all day still not home yet... So what to do?
    Beer of the day: Wisby Lager
    #lukasgraham #beeroftheday 📷 @jackiecaldera
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  • The happy pool boys /
    The crazy jungle boys
    Are back & we’re flapping free🔥🔥🔥
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  • I might be living my best songwriter life in sunny California. Still know where I’m from though.
    ❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛@theessence.dk making me feel like home no matter where I am! #raisedbyhippies #borninfreetown @christianiabryghus
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  • Ok. I’m ready for another nugget🐢 just saying... @rilloschwartz #lovesomeone
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  • Back in LA!🖊📕🎶🎤
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  • We’ll be back on the road in the US of A later this year and I honestly can’t wait!!!
    Currently writing a lot of new songs and enjoying the sun ☀️ looking forward to sharing them with you❤️
    What songs are you missing?
    What concepts or topics do you need me to write about?
    #lukasgraham #thepurpletour #lgusa
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  • A lovely intimate setting for a stripped down performance don’t you think?
    Love Someone on the @bacheloretteabc with @wpherrington & @jonsosin, missing @lovestick & @magnumonphire!
    Is it too intimate though?😅
    #lukasgraham #thepurplealbum #thebachelorette
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  • WOW, we actually get to visit Indonesia this year! The world’s most populous Muslim country 🇮🇩 We’re expecting a food safari out of this world, with spices, fresh fruit and vegetables😍 I have heard amazing things about Indonesian Durian... what else must we try? And in Jakarta what must we see? Link in story.
    Plus... more dates in Asia coming ASAP
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