IG Nicole Kidman | A big little look at Season 2 of #BigLittleLies 🖤 Can’t wait to share more with you soon xx


A big little look at Season 2 of #BigLittleLies 🖤 Can’t wait to share more with you soon xx

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@elena_geleta @nicolekidman when?
@peppa253 I got the 1st one watched it twice but it hit home in too many ways & I can't watch it again. No. 2 eh yeah I'll give that a go too. Cheers D.
@styuramois ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@julia.n.s @laaisnunes_ Que mulher
@lalaisns @julia.n.s hahahahahahaha
@o_aleksandrova_ ❣️
@lucas_phlegming @williamduke3
@ananasanasa omsggs 😭😘✨☁️
@_sydneyjensen @breezybr ❤️
@meryl.lily_fan @nicolekidman I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next 💗
@manka_kaur Cannot wait !!!!!!!!
@thecatemma ♥️
@asoft_team سلام بر شما☺ خوشحال میشیم از پیج ما دیدن فرمایید. در پیجمون روشهای کسب درآمد و آموزش راه اندازی کسب و کار موجود هست میتونین استفاده کنید
@__.__sama__ فوق العاده!
@sarahrring DID YOU SEE THIS @t1996!!!!!!!!!!!
@t1996 @sarahrring Yes!! I believe June is when it comes out! So excited!
@_emmanowell_ Just watched season 1 and I am so ready for number 2
@vtstitch3 My favorites! Ready, set, go!!
@amy_davidson Sooooooo excited! 💓💓💓
@mkfrench21 @lindseypetunia
@hellolaurafit @rachelgatiss
@daffodilfreesia Wow 👌👌✨✨✨
@ee.cook Season 2 🤭 @claudiajane_
@claudiajane_ @ee.cook omg, i didn't know there would be another one! ☺☺
@dani_loughnan @primrosesunflower can’t wait for this 👌🏼
@primrosesunflower @dani_loughnan I better watch the first season then 😂
@dani_loughnan @primrosesunflower best show ever 🙌🏼
@valeriecaillier @m0nabarry season 2!!
@m0nabarry @valeriecaillier yaaaaaaasssss!! 👏🏼
@red_martinsen Can’t wait! Just revisited season 1.
@alparis Eeeek!! Y’all I just binge watched season 1 and now I’m going to have to pay for HBO now monthly so I can watch season two! (Streaming is where it’s at!) I seriously cannot wait for June!! What an AMAZING show and acting (not that I’m an expert on the subject) but I can never sit that long to watch shows and I watched all of season 1 home with my four year old having the flu! Not hating the flu right now 🤣 I’m telling everyone about this show!!!
@kimferdez09 You're amazing! I love you girls! ♥ I can't wait for the season 2 !!!
@chernobylova1204 Только что посмотрела 1 сезон!👏👏👏Жду с нетерпением продолжения! Отличный актерский состав! Я получила бешеное удовольствие от просмотра! Супер! Бомба! Класс! На 7 серии ни на секунду не отрывалась от экрана, у меня аж пятки вспотели))) Давайте 2 сезон, please🙏🙏🙏
@oksana__schastlivaya 😃😁
@surfboardivycarter Can’t wait @johnrozeluk
@kob_naphat 4hahaha
@maddyharris @cassidyyy
@narskalark @giantenegro19
@mikkomatias73 @tinde___ !! 👍
@tinde___ @mikkomatias73 Counting days 😎