IG Seungri | なおちゃんいいリアクション頂きました #thegreatseungritour in japan DVD see u at the show #hongkong #manila #tokyo #osaka #seoul #singapore


なおちゃんいいリアクション頂きました #thegreatseungritour in japan DVD see u at the show #hongkong #manila #tokyo #osaka #seoul #singapore

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@lixii.74 Fuck you
@lixii.74 @chimmy.changas_ 😏😏
@xoxo.shan.o.xoxo @vegeta_king_of_saiyan I think either it was you that read the inaccurate news or you’re too blind to realise what has happened. These things have been confirmed, and you can argue your case all you want, it won’t make these facts any less real.
@vegeta_king_of_saiyan @xoxo.shan.o.xoxo I don't care and you can say whatever you want plus where is seungri now? In the jail? Aslong his not in the jail yet then that mean he never done anything wrong to me.
@thisisnotcikakaci_ 😭😥😥
@xoxo.shan.o.xoxo @vegeta_king_of_saiyan They can’t put him in jail straight away obviously. They need to organise the evidence, arrange a court date, get all the facts right. They need to make a big case with witness statements and whatever they can find. Something like this could take a year before he gets jailed.
@vegeta_king_of_saiyan @xoxo.shan.o.xoxo yeah then let's wait for that
@risnadp_ 😭😭😭
@maryamchahid1202017 @vegeta_king_of_saiyan I know you wanna believe what you want but no one should say anything yet until he is in jail( guilty) or in his house (innocent)
@vidya.awkw ROT IN JAIL ! :)
@dg.0818_jiyong.bigbang なおちゃん、見てるかな?名前呼んで貰って良かったね。本当に良い思い出になったね😊また、誰かの名前呼ぶ日が来るの待ってます。スンリ、待ってます。
@koreangirl95 ❤😍
@happy_every_dayz Nao chang gonna be so disappointed at u
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@_kixx_g I believe you🌹
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