IG Emma Watson | Happy 3rd Birthday @oursharedshelf! Thank you to everyone involved - you give me so much joy! 💖💖💖 xx


Happy 3rd Birthday @oursharedshelf! Thank you to everyone involved - you give me so much joy! 💖💖💖 xx

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@privatecalls you said dont trust her
@poets_head the best of a woman is empirically preserved...
@privatecalls send me the money
@privatecalls that sentence with a bonus
@privatecalls thats your best ticket for healing 20 years
@privatecalls is have worth
@privatecalls why dont you send me the card now
@privatecalls like
@privatecalls I think you believe it but wont movie
@privatecalls move it'
@privatecalls Its not a promise but I like know it
@jiajia2172 😍😍😍
@privatecalls Like I know some other things
@privatecalls like flying
@privatecalls weekend dating show new york
@privatecalls your call with your fly
@privatecalls open
@kim_kyung_hyun_ have a nice day.🔥😍
@seleneonigen I have coveted this for a long time, but I wanted you to give it to me.”
@ussr_world Joy is not in things but in us
@rachaelbeautydiary 👌👌👌
@yoyorda1020 Meh
@ladies_of_asia You're cool! Here you are, reading this! You will succeed! 🍏🍊🍅🍈🍈🍈 Interested in your opinion! Write a comment to my photo!
@qyaar 👌
@dvp430 Babe
@dvp430 Emma I miss you
@jesusvasquezac ❤️😍😍
@iprometheusx Good night, Star ✨🌹
@amusing_tumblr My best friends dad just passed away please help and do a good deed today!tysm and hope you have a blessed day💓 https://www.gofundme.com/chandlers-memorial-service
@mayast._g Emma, I need to ask you a favor. Can you sing a song I'm writing for my little sister, please? She's being bullied for her autism and it's getting worse everyday that she's thinking about ending her life at age ten. I kills me knowing that my little sister might die and as a big sister I know I'm suppost to know what to do, but I don't. I love my sister and I don't wanna see her like this. I'm asking you because she listens to every song you sing. So please help.
@el_comandante_333 ❤️❤️❤️
@ceilla.alliec @allycatcloset 😍
@iuriiii_caastro 😍❤
@steve_rotolo Good Reads
@nragusa23 You look beautiful.
@nastiakrokus Классная
@connorfinnerty_is_bae Are you and @t22felton friends???
@gigi352919 You are the best!
@magi.kai Please follow me everyone! Im so close to my goal 💚💚 you dont have to like my posts 💕