IG Seungri | 오늘밤 11시 #SBS #가로채널 놓치지마세요!!!


오늘밤 11시 #SBS #가로채널 놓치지마세요!!!

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@hello_beautifulllllllll @apr.da well u can fuck him all you want. he still is a criminal
@hello_beautifulllllllll @cassiusinternal 그래 니 곁에 꼭~붙잡고있어, 개줄 놓아서 다른 여성들 못건드리게.
@hello_beautifulllllllll @girlalien5 that means u love crime
@hello_beautifulllllllll @thecaseisntoveryetsoiwillwait i wish fans were more knowledged. Yall are fucking maniacs
@hello_beautifulllllllll @_2006.8.19_ well that means u believe in crimes
@hello_beautifulllllllll @iconic.joon__ just- shut up
@hello_beautifulllllllll I wonder how dumb you fans are, being brainwashed my his masked identity in front of camera. Even after exposure, yall still support him. Hm. World is too cruel to those that are like him but doesnt have money to control the system like him. Money is power in korea. Period.
@hello_beautifulllllllll @hello_beautifulllllllll anywhere in the world. Money is powet
@thecaseisntoveryetsoiwillwait @hello_beautifulllllllll idiot. Do you have a brain? Social media and TV news agencies does not and will never substitute for the Courts, the ACRC, or the police. Have you read the news? Not just the titles? Because if you have you won’t be barking here 🤣🤣🤣 idioooooooot! If anyone’s a maniac here, it’s you. So persistent in your idiotic ignorance. Don’t lump everyone in with your narrowminded ways. Declaring this and that and assuming things, that’s horribly disrespectful to everyone involved including the victims. Take your half-asses fake wokeness to the trash you came from 🤪🤪🤪🤪👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
@thecaseisntoveryetsoiwillwait @alisiya.iscoo what makes the world less kinder is people trying to act as jury, judge, & executioner based on things reported on the news & read on social media. I hope it happens to you too, that’ll be a riot. Then again nobody could possibly be that interested in you 🤣 learn to actually read korean instead of relying on the grossly mistranslated sites. 바보. 학교로 돌아가라.
@bigbangbrazil__ 💖💖 Precious Riri, I miss you 💖
@apd_d @pretty_madp accept that he is innocent rn 😙
@_assel @hello_beautifulllllllll я не понимаю корейский. Чтобы вы там не писали, мое сообщение было для Сынри. 🤗
@hello_beautifulllllllll @_assel 응 너가 피해자가 되봐야지 정신 차릴려니? 이 문제가 얼마나 심각한지 안보이지? 연애인도 우리 같은 사람이야. 연애인이라서 항상 멀정하지 않다고. 도라이
@seyoaholic seungri oppa, i believe in you and love you so much
@_kixx_g 🌹🐼🙏
@karlamin090393 Tan bonito que se ve para tanta cochinada que hizo :v jsjsjs
@p_jwbbng 와 시발 와꾸 개좆같닼ㅋㅋㅋ 아 애교부리지마 존나좆같다ㅋ 아 시발 내눈 ㅜ
@toothfairy_94 Everyone has bad days, and when you're having a bad day, you think, 'Here I am being singled out by a hostile, malicious universe that is picking exclusively on me.' And then you read a book about bad days and realize they happen to everyone, not just tormented, persecuted you! Stay strong🙌🙌
@_giocheoquay24_ 나는 베트남 사람이다. 나는 빅뱅을 좋아한다. 너는 내 탄환이다 ❤❤
@xxss96__ 💛💛💛💛💛- 💛 = 0
@honoka8311 😍😍😍
@xxss96__ 💛💛💛💛💛💛
@xxss96__ 💛💛💛💛💛💛
@starrr0318 Wuliouba呀
@holo.wolo " omg my heart " 🐼💋💛
@holo.wolo " your style is sooooooo cute & pretty "
@holo.wolo 💙💜💚💛🧡💙💜💚💛🧡💙💜💚💛🧡
@_kixx_g 🐼🌹🐼🌹🐼🌹🐼🌹🐼