IG Seungri | I can’t wait to see u #hongkong vips #thegreatseungritour2019live next week #manila


I can’t wait to see u #hongkong vips #thegreatseungritour2019live next week #manila

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@misspetitekate Please come to BKK 🙏🏻
@sujin_6709 아름답다
@tane_alien 💋💖💕💋🙌
@i_am_everything_to_my_bias Baobao your fringe got wider......
@wow_pandasticbaby Love u 💕
@zan_ioana I like the velvet suit! :)
@19888._ 哥哥你已经做得很棒啦!!杨菊花这个狗逼东西拿着bigbang辛辛苦苦赚的钱给师弟师妹团开演唱会 还不把你们放在眼里 没有bigbang哪来的yg 凭什么这么对你们!!太过分了 哥哥不要难过 你是世界上最棒最棒的人了❤️❤️
@nabellask imut bgt yaallah
@m_kobe_bigbang_love_h ❤️❤️💛
@m_kobe_bigbang_love_h 💛❤️💛❤️
@un.ixcorn__ YOU GREAT
@seojisu3 오빠 왤케잘생겼너 인간아닌거같애 허어허어헐
@france.paredes ❤️
@phoenix_767 👑💚
@netijenkalem #protectbigbang #protectseungri #protectblackpink #protectygstan
@its.alexxa Always by your side does not matter the distance 😭❤️
@b.b_vip_always 어이구 잘생겼다
@oyunqtw Goodluck bro we love you
@trinhseyo 💖🐼💖💪👍
@romii_mua Dear @seungriseyo Thanks for everything you do for vip, really, you are everything. I am proud, too proud of your process and see how much you have learned over time and mistakes, you are so admirable that I hope the rest can follow your steps. I admire you, I always did and always will, for your talent, your charisma, your humility and the effort you give for everything in life. I always tell you in comments, but do not let anyone make you feel less than you are, because you are great,you are exciting and your fans are always going to be proud of you. I love you from the other side of the world, from Chile. And have you thought that you are not like the others? I love you and you have as many fans as I do here that we love you❤. I know you're not going to read this most likely, but if you see it and I never find out, I'll really be happy🐼🌼
@ssiantoki oh!handsome boy!
@bowiiiiz__ 👏👏👏👏👏👏
@gdrgnbao.88.18.8 Love you love you more ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@starsilence1 😍😍😍
@fitriana_amir Fighting @seungriseyo 😘❤️
@ny_9782 So cute, come to Brazil when? I LOVE YOU ❤❤❤
@andreaxxivip You are our everything 💕👑🐼
@crc_1301 😔
@crc_1301 ❤️❤️❤️🇻🇳
@_ace88 ❤️
@topt.o.ptop 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍vips love always&forever
@ikumitase29 ☆.。.:*・
@8_bg_19 Does Richard Lee want to come taipei?
@xxpprrdd 💕💕
@jize_awu 为什么现在评论那么少了,大家是都忘记Bigbang忘记五只了么。。。