IG Will Smith | “Dude... This is the shot that made you a F#%k’n Star!” - @michaelbay. @badboys


“Dude... This is the shot that made you a F#%k’n Star!” - @michaelbay. @badboys

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@u_da_legen9 Omg 😭
@smile_ribs Forever a fan
@ayopkconnect Facts 💯
@hanniaelles Fact
@the_gamer_of_justice Hey what's up @willsmith yo I was curious I was at work today and I was just using my imagination I was wondering have you ever thought to work with @ChrisTucker and @jackiechan.official to do a crossover between Rush Hour 4 and Bad Boys..
@patriciapattypoe Love you
@alecoutinho22 Amo demais 😍
@dmancc "Don't ever say I wasn't there for you" 😂👏🔥🙌🤧
@girlinthewhiteglasses I’ve came back to watch this again...too many times.
@latina4186 will smith is so fine
@elvloves2sew 😍
@zue.castagnetto Wow!
@lauren.hines.77 Favorite buddy cop movies ever💜💜
@nolzd @willsmith Please bulk up for Bad3. 😍💕😍💕😍
@__biancajayde__ Jadas one Lucky woman 😍😂
@its___davis @redelar.15
@billito87 dammmmmm sonnnn! that belt tho 😂😂😂😂😂 who picked the belt??
@pamella.santos24 Me desculpe pela sua esposa e filhos mas nesse cena vc ta muito gostoso correndo com essa camisa aberta. Muito lindo
@isaiahkhamilton Big facts !!!
@levelbandht @the_gamer_of_justice the most brillant thing that i never heard
@thatboy_storey what are you a cop or a model? Martin voice hate the Tailor lol
@chelsallure Period !
@tindlez Das Haught
@the_gamer_of_justice @levelbandht thank you brother I appreciate that I would love to see Will Smith work with the Jackie Chan and etcetera Chris Tucker and Martin getting into something stupid I would absolutely start hollering in the movie theater😂😂😂
@bluangel6 🔥🔥♥️🔥🔥
@iam_cassiel_trinity 😁😁😁 agreed! Ha ha 🤷🏽‍♂️ just saying... ha ha
@lorenasuyllon ❤️
@milene_lvr LES CHORIZOOOOOOS @laurag.z @clarycetr_ @pauline.blstr
@clarycetr_ @milene_lvr 🤤🤤🤤
@iamvictoriachristine @willsmith my favorite actor!!! Seen all your movies but this one 😩 most definitely going to watch it ❤️🔥.
@gogicajuric We are just watchin bad boys right now!
@more_than_a__conqueror I can watch bad boys over and over and over
@alexiz_gebi ❤️😍
@ndiggity @maheshrawal @pree.rawal 😂
@brunoresultados_marketing Show!! de uma olhadinha no meu perfil e veja alguns resultados de nossos alunos no marketing digital 😘❤
@jacarmes It’s still the best chase scene in cinema history. I still get anxiety watching it I’m 34 yrs old for chrissake
@esmeraldaojeda5461 Bue 💕 😚🇦🇷
@annlisa.m @brittmonam 😍🎶