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@etiennedesmarteau Really cool @kimkardashian
@mmolawa @chrissylynn02 inviting them again
@hintzoleary #nah lol
@ien_ جميل
@tonny_lancaster 😡
@__misscrystal79 @lyssxolynn you really like this ??? 😂
@world_record_egg_parsian Like me❤️
@yzorrilla690 😍😍😍😍😍
@yzorrilla690 Love you
@ja2.34 I Love those slogs
@drkanodia90210 I need a pair!
@smiller06._ I vet the egg would be able to pull these off better than you
@nerf5536 Yaezzzzzzz🍯kill the game 🤳
@tapilotestela3 💕💕💚💙💙💩💩💩💩💩
@tapilotestela3 💘💘💙💙💙💙💙
@ma3love_4 🔥
@housealonebitches 💚
@donaybanana 💚
@daliamahmooud eh ya welya da
@bolesparks Stupid
@chrissyschlegs1965 @dxrkhxresy 🖕🏻
@chrissyschlegs1965 @hol.am.85 she doesn’t have any and never will
@dxrkhxresy @chrissyschlegs1965 🤣🤣🤣
@soulshyne3 @jada_ap wait what did you get for Christmas
@ma.tilda828 Please make sure you remove the grills at night time and your floss and brush well😊
@almanar_cake2019 وش ذا 😢😢😢
@chrissyschlegs1965 @dxrkhxresy 💩
@estivenverdolaga96 Beatifull best for the west
@missheidilee Who does this anymore🤣
@katheryn_dixon Rob the jewelry tell em make me some grills
@3200milesaway Terrible
@_psychoactivee 😉😘
@tanangelbaby Robbery definitely a lie
@pumabillionaire 😍
@sean___303 💧
@ashfia_nur3 #awesome #cool #nice #f4f #l4l #follow4followback
@taymi_manny_gonzalez 👍
@jo_sawczenko Sick