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@blackandwhitemileyray This photo 🖤
@emilynachbauer I would probably die if I got to shoot w her one day 😭 @sam.bashaw
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@sam.bashaw @emilynachbauer mark my words it’s gonna happen
@lena_pics_idek U took my husband
@brittney.boo_ I love this
@cyn.g.gravel My idol 💕 you just perfect ❤️❤️
@bissim_aruka Hannah Montana. Who know?😞❤️
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@itisfarida @misterfoadalyasser lol she’s not alone, she has husband
@misterfoadalyasser @itisfarida It makes no difference in my love for her
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@_raynamachado My 10 year challenge is loving you since 2009, see my stories ❤️ ily @mileycyrus
@karla_raycyrus Eres de otro planeta
@pattobs @megnmcastocker I wonder the same thing about you
@rojinaparrr Dear , Miley Cyrus I have been listening to your songs since I was born l especially love “Malibu “and “party In the USA” you’ve always been my fav and I really don’t know what I would do without you your my biggest idol I love your songs keep doing what you do because it suits you the best ❤️❤️👏🏻😍
@kailany660 @netysouzasouza already enjoyed❤😋
@hosein.azizian We are your fan and we love you. Do you love your fans???
@jeanetteellensmith I want those boots❤️❤️❤️
@mayast._g Hey Miley, People keep saying that they think your pregnet. Anything you wanna say to correct them or prove them wrong? This is for my junior teens celeb club members.
@luispala1925 //(♡))) kisses 🎆