IG Chris Pratt | Tonight Stephen Colbert and I get deep. @colbertlateshow don’t miss it. @thelegomovie


Tonight Stephen Colbert and I get deep. @colbertlateshow don’t miss it. @thelegomovie

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@vaninatroncoso Looooooooove youuuuuuu!!!!!!
@igaddis @prattprattpratt Did you find out who said the quote you used? There are so many comments that I might have missed it. We love The LEGO Movies!
@_nicolas._.sanchez_ Gordooo
@goingforsmiles @prattprattpratt if I sent you a handwritten smile card, would you pass it along to brighten someone’s day and help spread the message that a shared smile can make a big impact? 😃🦋 You can pick the quote, if you like :)
@mayagadsden10 🤨🤨😂😂😂what the hell
@mayagadsden10 Can we just talk about how perfectly beautiful his hair is👏👏👏👏
@fink_felix2019 @miketap1 It's because you're stupid. Everyone must follow a little bit of politics in order to know it's so stupid to vote for Trump.
@miketap1 @fink_felix2019 I think you've made it abundantly clear how stupid you are with that statement. 🤣🤣🤣
@fink_felix2019 @miketap1 The fact that you don't understand it makes you even more stupid.
@miketap1 @fink_felix2019 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The fact that you have no relevant facts to back up your claim prove how stupid you are.
@elibrooks90 Nice🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑
@homegrown_480 @kisamac I was looking for this thank you!!
@rojoelise @realtechniques ad
@annamarshall2003 😂That’s hilarious I am going to decorate my bedroom in Jurassic World everything.
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@xeverrodrige 😂 He is his lego's👏
@haris_14yearsold I like this one❣️
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@_chrissy_cat Was that REALLY a @realtechniques #SettingBrush ?? 😂😂
@black._.panther666 Yeah n dats prabably u
@xd_jcrouso I love your Lego guys I really want star lord and rex
@brohann_sebastian_bach @ani_la206 no...you are just an idiot who's catering to agenda of the very ideals they claim to be so against. You played yourself 👏👏 I'm not even religious but I'll still tell you that you're a fool.
@brohann_sebastian_bach @winniethewow 👌👌 tbh Ellen Page stopped being relevant in like 2012 i can't believe anyone still hears anything she has to say.
@azevedo.mariadocarmo I love lego's
@foreverkiersto @igaddis literally followed the guy to find out, but nothing. Hope he didn't it
@foreverkiersto Literally you to find out the quote, but you never posted! Come on man, it was a good one.
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@mobinaa._.w My loveeeee
@mobinaa._.w My lifeeeee
@mobinaa._.w I love you
@__doodles.and.edits__ Hi i fucking love you 😂
@_sxrxh.83_ @claraaa.83 il a parler fr😍 «non attend»
@claraaa.83 @_sxrxh.83_ 😂😂
@antfrio02 @_cheer_threads_ pretty sure just about everyone who wears makeup does
@_cheer_threads_ @antfrio02 oof no. The same type and the same brand? There are 15 different types of brushes and 39 different types of brands in the world...