IG Chris Pratt | Want to honor @katherineschwarzenegger hard at work on #internationalwomensday Love you dear!


Want to honor @katherineschwarzenegger hard at work on #internationalwomensday Love you dear!

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@jaysonyuan @katherineschwarzenegger you’re a female? Holy crap i thought you two were in a homosexual relationship
@clarkhl76 Congratulations! Please work hard to keep this marriage strong. God, as the center of it, would be a great place to start. Ever read 'The Five Love Languages'? Good stuff.
@naydelin2000 😱
@_groovy.movie What a beauty
@mcnamara7278 International Women’s Day is a communist holiday, started in Russia, which kicked off the revolution in a textile factory. Communists killed Christians.
@mishd1 Such a beautiful smile 😃
@ryan_itus Landed the sexy daughter of the terminator 😎
@nutellee3 @daniellecoopergibson
@sarah_zamani07 یا حضرت هیول😯
@faysky5 @jaysonyuan Anna left him & already had a boyfriend but Chris never mentions it because that’s the king of
@faysky5 Kind of guy he is. & Katherine is beautiful.
@mcnamara7278 Let’s celebrate Hitlers’ birthday while we’re at it
@mcnamara7278 Make that 40 million
@ogardsgohard34 You so fine!!
@ssssnkgrrrl Dem gums tho
@esmeguiderra She looks like @annakendrick47
@danielletheresac76 Sweet sentiments to a sweet woman ❤️
@maria.spotlight GOTT! Was für ein hässliches Lachen, schlimmer als der Joker!!
@lifethyme_lavender So cute @katherineschwarzenegger
@keto.tips.meal tổng hợp phim chiếu rạp hay nhất, ae vào tường em xem nhé
@mr_reaction360 PUT THE COOKIE DOWN!!!!! ARHHHHHH
@jem1984_ 🤮🤮🤮🤮
@c_v_89 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
@eanday019 "Hard at work" ....when she does what now?? When your parents are millionaires, you take on the "I'm an advocate, fighting for human rights," role. Such a politically motivated set up relationship.