IG Nicole Kidman | Countdown to June 9th! #BigLittleLies


Countdown to June 9th! #BigLittleLies

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@kaitpark @keziaramalho we should watch tonight
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@heidihanekom I could not wait to start this series. And know Im just so sad. So much blasphemy. So I will bit it farewell.
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@injoyoself AMAZING
@cdabbs_ Oh wow. Just found a new show that I will be starting this weekend! Amazing cast! 💕
@jacindahouston5 If i hadnt seen any movies or photos of n.k in ten yrs.....or since day of thunder ...i really wouldnt recognize her here.. which i have to say i just hope its not because she felt she needed it because she didnt... Its a worry for all young ladies. ...that they arent beautiful enuf when they are. We need to encourage and aporeciate natural beauty...
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