IG Kim Kardashian | So fun shooting this video with @parishilton for her new song #BestFriendsAss 🍑💎


So fun shooting this video with @parishilton for her new song #BestFriendsAss 🍑💎

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@mehmoodfaizan91 So nice & lovly
@justlol_toya 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
@julio.c.cruz.18 🔥🔥🔥
@cceeccii_hdz 😂 Tú patrona!!!!
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@christa_517 Diaper Butt😂😂😂
@diegodesouzaromualdo 👏👏👏👏👏👏
@orhan9217 @parishilton 👍👍👍👍
@erivwodevallie @fannysw3 seriously
@erivwodevallie @minervaauroraa yes you are
@fannysw3 @erivwodevallie nahh.
@fussyfawn @somethingcheeky old post but relevant to your interests!
@somethingcheeky @fussyfawn what's great about this series is that Paris posted first and Kim did it way later. I love how the thirst in their relationship has switched as they approach 40.
@michellem1605 @alammalam Wait. Have you heard this??
@nanee_nans @jazmintrue girl i gotta head this ctfu
@alammalam @michellem1605 I haven't heard this song, but did know about it. Is it worth a listen?... I doubt it. .
@fussyfawn @somethingcheeky that is solid intel. Their evolving relationship fascinates me!
@erivwodevallie @fannysw3 yahhh
@somethingcheeky @fussyfawn that’s what I’m here for. Paris / Kim intel
@mua.kooldzie @pearlcastle23 lol I think you should get a clue. I'm not even from the US and people know Kim more than Paris.
@iakimov387 Две абалденные мисс
@ojosdemarv.c.f Fíjate @evacamaleona
@pearlcastle23 @mua.kooldzie naw girl. Paris had projects done in other countries. She has legit huge crowds. Just because you, one tiny person, is an exception. Doesn't make it the general. Every time she lands in any airport she has 100s of people literally waiting. Never seen that for Kim... Ever
@libertysistersboutique That’s hot 💖
@tunes_beatriz As melhores amigas de bunda kkkkk Fala sério ... Vergonha alheia dessa mulherada nova que podia estar dando bom exemplo ... Massss ...
@fredbrown8568 🥰😘😘💥
@abelferr71 Bbs
@nxgwifey @babibiperez paris is queen
@nataliaapb_ @gimibellgs You and i♥
@fazalmaula.fazalmaula.35 ❤️oh yes
@iam_da__c_u_n_t_ This is an example of a gloup
@dmike_daboys Booty
@mua.kooldzie @pearlcastle23 😂😂if you're saying you've never seen 100s of people waiting to see Kim....then this conversation is going nowhere. Let's just agree to disagree. Its not worth the energy no more