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@cioccolatitaliani #backstreetboysdnaworldtour #backstreetboys #dnaworldtour

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@theexistentialistic That ice cream!!!
@elenai12379 Как жаль,,Ник
@elenai12379 Ты уже не тот..
@tychinskayarock 😮😁
@francieletkd ❤️
@sapnasajnani You're so cute ❤
@fedecouchpotato @valeformi il nostro gelato avrebbe potuto essere indimenticabile!
@sexibabe420 🤤🤤🤤Yum
@paolitha.c.diaz 😂😂
@fanny_qhl @mypointofstyle @lilispirouux eeeh beeh 😹
@deborahcaponero Amore mio 😍 come back soon!
@veronicamasolini 😍😍😍 love
@bsbitalia If you want really not healthy good food you need to come back soon @nickcarter ❤️
@leo_mac88 🇮🇹😍
@_.mariasole.___ Gorgeous baby..love you Nick, we miss you 🔝😍
@gabrylove_nick ❤️😍ma tu sei il piu'dolce cioccolatino sulla terra.....
@m_17325a 😄👌🏼
@annie_wwjourney Are you sure they’re not cheering for the gelato?! 😂
@pamelapassannanti I can't Think that you were in Italy a month ago 😢😢....when you said " bambino" at the concert you were very sweet 😍 please come back soon ❤️
@egyed.adrienn 🙈😂😂😂
@emmajuanjose13 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️
@khababy_khababy_khababy I have concert tickets for the Backstreet Boys in Everett Washington on July 29th. DM me for more information if you're interested in buying them.
@mallory.risley That looks very delicious 😋