IG Lena Headey | #youknowme #NoShame Women’s and Girls Rights are human rights 🧡


#youknowme #NoShame Women’s and Girls Rights are human rights 🧡

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@mujahid.maqbool.9250 Who are you again, pl.
@krystlmargaret Thank you ❤️
@bubu_in_lisboa there it is... the most stupid thing i ever read. iif there would be a choice where are all the "accident kids" are from? not mentioning rape or false information...
@sofitaa_astigueta In Argentina we are trying to get our right to choose, sadly the senate didn’t approve the law last year but i’m sure we’ll eventually have what we deserve as women💚 #QueSeaLey
@missusclem_ Hmm this is super sad. Used to admire you as an actress but not worth the follow. Murder is murder is murder
@afterblajvenn To the people commenting "stop killing babies": you don't give a shit about the baby once it's born. If it goes in to foster care, suffers hardships without a stable household or growing up with a mother who didn't want them. You don't care that it is MEN who descide what US WOMEN get to do with OUR bodies. THEY ARE NOT LIVING HUMANS, NOT BABIES THEY ARE LUPS OF CELLS. DO YOU NOT KNOW BASIC BIOLOGY?? BASIC SCIENCE?? YOU DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYONE'S HAPPINESS OR WELL BEING. YOU ARE A SELFISH ASSHOLE.
@elzbieta.maria What about of that all babies rights? Not saynig what someone should do or not, its only question in the name of silent humans under the heart....
@david_bs616 How many years would your aborted kid (or kids) have? Would they be teenagers now? The only thing I know is that they are in a better place now, a place that you'll never go to.
@david_bs616 #BurnInTheHell
@__kaiini__ it's like "Dont use condom, cause I can abort it anytime, anywhere" smh #shameonyou
@nancemichellee Another reason not to like Cersei
@whodidyoucontact Congratulations. I would never abort a perfectly healthy fetus but that's just me. I suppose I'll be the one being judged the worst here but whatever. Irony is the new norm.
@life_is_a_beach30 Yeah let’s brag about killing a HELPLESS baby!
@ellie_hazel1 I would personally not have an abortion unless it were the best choice medically, but every woman should be able to make her own choice regarding her own health and her own body. Many women, many even underage, are raped every day. And even women who choose to have consensual sex with or without birth control and get pregnant by mistake made a mistake. One mistake- or even mishap that wasn’t the fault of either person- should not determine the mental stability and future of a mother who is not ready for a child and a child who is not born into a safe environment. Adoption isn’t always the best option or an option at all. Even women who are celibate or abstinent and do not have sex can still be raped and forced to carry a child they did not ask for to full term. Even underage children are forced to do so. The pro-life movement, while extremely problematic and dysfunctional, can only make sense under the circumstance that every pro-lifer has a plan to support every child given up that would’ve been aborted through life. The classic conservative pro-life views do not support the child once he/she is born. I take no stance against pro-lifers who support government programs to help these children, but the hypocrisy fueling the movement is toxic and must come to an end.