IG Nicole Kidman | Last night in Nashville ...This makes me happy 😊😍 #CMAfest


Last night in Nashville ...This makes me happy 😊😍 #CMAfest

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@hopefulone11 @nicolekidman and 🔥
@addictioncare 👌
@tinytexasgirl I was there! It was soooo good! It made me happy, too!
@evaminibull 💖💖💖
@evelyn_aracely_mb Genios 2
@kidmanmemes this was literally the most iconic thing ever
@joyog @zakholley29
@tatti_semenova Как много людей☺️☺️☺️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💌🖼🕊
@elizfit4life YES, HAPPY'S THE WORD!!! 👍🎶🎸❤️😍💪🎶🎸❤️
@_bolsky_ I miss nashville. 😊
@donhuyler See you in Sturgis in August!
@annamorrgan I know you will never notice me BUT HAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY 🦋🦋🦋🦋
@karinkaykat My daughter's boyfriend met you two a couple years ago at Silver Star Mountain (he was the hot tub guy). He said you were the nicest couple. ♥
@gauri_kantinath_sankhe If I lit all of the birthday candles in the world, they would still not shine half as brightly as you do! Happy Birthday to the one that lights up my life!Just a happy Birthday seems so insignificant to say to someone that means so much to me. You're so smart, intelligent,bold,talented,beautiful that I always wonder how you combine all qualities so skillfully🎂 Your magnetic personality make me glued anywhere I find you start to finish.May you keep winning every award and stealing every show.I wish you more than happiness. I wish you a Joyous Birthday! I wish you a Peaceful Birthday! I wish you a Love-Filled Birthday! I wish you a Stupendously, Amazing, Birthday! To put it simply, I wish you a birthday that is just as perfect as you are. May Almighty bless you his choicest blessings and happiness.Stay happy forever. Lots of love and wishes. Have a great year. Gauri❤️💝🎁🥂😘@nicolekidman
@house_of_hall ❤️wish I could of seen my favorite most talented singer Keith Urban...........but I was working the late shift just down the road at the Children's Hospital. Nicole the kids here would love to see you both stop by soon 💕 Just hope I'm working that day lol 💜
@jas35nov Hi Nicole! Can I seek your help? I'm Jasmine and I'm from the Philippines. I want to send my 2 kids to School. I'm a Single Mom. However, I don't have the money to send them to school since I resigned from my job last year to have my chemotheraphy for my Colon Cancer. My little girl is 6 years old and little boy is 4. My little girl is supposed to be in 1st grade now but I was unable to send her to school last year because I didn't have money to send her to school since I resigned from my job. My parents are paying for my chemo and they can't afford to send my kids to school anymore because we're spending so much on my chemo and my medication. Their Tuition is $600 each a year. Please help me out.
@michela_quinto ❤️❤️❤️
@yungxrach @rockinhotmodel I just love her!!!
@bittersweet_beauty_ Love Keith x seen him in concert a few times while youve been in australia
@fraykat Why did I not know she is married to Keith daddy @hhcraiggg
@alanatravels @jratbum she was there
@nenipinontoan Keith urban,u r the good husband❤️
@darrenhall_artstudio Holy crikey!!😊
@darrenhall_artstudio wowsers!!😊