IG Ed Sheeran | Barcelona ! 📸 @zakarywalters


Barcelona ! 📸 @zakarywalters

10 มิ.ย. 62 - 01:54:51
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@jamedjack @carlita8584
@divaolguin 😍❤️
@silviacastan7 @nu_ria_valldo
@nu_ria_valldo @silviacastan7 aa que va fer una foto? Jajaajja
@mariaa__jd you have a giant heart, I love your music, I love every word of your songs you are special an incredible musician and I am so glad you have so much success you deserve it, blessings for you a hug from Alicante Spain 💙❤️
@carlita8584 @sil_ra @maticasan @marta7391
@nancy_stauffer We were there! Awesome performance!! Loved hearing “Barcelona” sung in Barcelona😊
@wishmae c'mon and dance with me in Barcelona~ 💙
@why_so_mendes @shawnmendes ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
@declan_boyle_44 Wow all you see is every one with there phones out, so sad , live in the moment
@roguilau I was there!!!👏🏼👏🏼
@carlabasi_ @shawnmendes 😍
@jordi_b3 @lucy064
@itslucia_17 @shawnmendes come back shawnn😍😭
@lucy064 @jordi_b3 best night ever 😍
@__yuval_golan__ @horeshpasder חחח
@anllotra @alexismoya1221 ahi vam estar natros ♥️😊
@alexismoya1221 @anllotra sii que bé ho vam pasar... Jejeje pd: 20€ dos birres 😂
@lauramr88 @__m_o_n_i_q_u_e__ Chica! Que nos sacaron fotos y todo! Salimos genial! 😀
@__m_o_n_i_q_u_e__ @lauramr88 jajajajaja vaya robado!!
@anearher I was in that crowd XD
@goonie_who Thanks for a great show!!
@piulinss @carlapizgo @sergigraells
@em.lxighxox Why does it look like the same stage
@youngste_1 @lewiswebster2401 😍😍😍
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@mcuwachi @albertgerma por ahi andamos
@cefnur @shawnmendes you are Canada's heart😊❤️
@elisendaaaponsi @martinafabregaa ♥️
@clauduxaaa @shawnmendes and Portugal? 😩
@katharinaghd @kevin_mittler 😁🥰😍😍😍
@paulaperez.lopez @sara_vs1510 yesssss❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@sara_vs1510 @paulaperez.lopez jajjajaj😂
@foxymel2 Insane photos! Wish I could’ve been there.
@vickyantho0907 Jugaste en mi casa 🥰😽😽😽
@laura_cots @lillnavarror
@_xsabxl_ 😍😍😍
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