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@thomasnichola Ppl be ungrateful these days
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@tortuga775 AMEN
@pugsare_fat I can be my dad?
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@gucci_robinson That’s crazy cause I became the person I needed now I don’t take no shit... I will beat you tf up
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@janbecker657 Man I am trying so hard....
@dodie_lp This is exactly what I'm doing. I have never had a best friend until 3 years ago. Now that I've found him, I couldn't let him go or let him be in a bad mood. I'm here for him and I promised I'll always be there. He's 13 years younger than me... and I know what life is made of. So I'm courageous for him, and he makes my life more funny, more lovable, more... living. ❤️ When I was younger, I really totally missed a real friend. Someone I would have told everything to. Someone who would have been here for me in the better or the worse moment. I still remember this (long) period when I felt all alone... and I don't want my friends to feel the same.
@mesesoul So very true
@crystal_hiebert Damn this is so real ❤️
@da_illest_onezz I love this 😍 just what I needed to hear.......thank you! @willsmith
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@tap_into_it Wooooow!!! I've been thinking about this the past two weeks. Wooooow I cant believe this!
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@polarberc I live by this 💯 @willsmith
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@paulinevelasquezgreen Yes
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@8_foreverlovelifeimmortal @willsmith what we talking Will , sun flower field or orchard N trees then daisy what will it be, ' holes like `~π with leg knife sheer of hip tight the tall grass at night ? no dinos but mammoth . The spice soup before with poison the hallucinations tame her own mental of envious lust walk of no guru but rage came though. The scream of you my sun can you run 2 !? I allow one hunt bored for some Forrest log lake tough.
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@tanizakilinna Truly truth!!! 👏👏👏👍👍👍
@theoryof5 Excellent #willsmithquotes #theoryof5philosophy
@jupiterrobyn Needed You