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@joannhenderson158 Yasss! 😘
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@gerarddj_official Wow that’s huge🙌🏾🙏🏾
@fahcina I am big on this!
@fahcina @thecarlynbrand I love this sis. You are the mother you needed💗💗💗 and so am I
@shadaeascott ❤️🙏🏾
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@thomasnichola Ppl be ungrateful these days
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@tortuga775 AMEN
@pugsare_fat I can be my dad?
@yulondapierce 👍👍❤️
@gucci_robinson That’s crazy cause I became the person I needed now I don’t take no shit... I will beat you tf up
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@janbecker657 Man I am trying so hard....
@dodie_lp This is exactly what I'm doing. I have never had a best friend until 3 years ago. Now that I've found him, I couldn't let him go or let him be in a bad mood. I'm here for him and I promised I'll always be there. He's 13 years younger than me... and I know what life is made of. So I'm courageous for him, and he makes my life more funny, more lovable, more... living. ❤️ When I was younger, I really totally missed a real friend. Someone I would have told everything to. Someone who would have been here for me in the better or the worse moment. I still remember this (long) period when I felt all alone... and I don't want my friends to feel the same.
@mesesoul So very true
@crystal_hiebert Damn this is so real ❤️
@626_classy_chick I love this 😍 just what I needed to hear.......thank you! @willsmith
@anglobal1 😎👌🙌
@tap_into_it Wooooow!!! I've been thinking about this the past two weeks. Wooooow I cant believe this!
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@polarberc I live by this 💯 @willsmith