IG Kim Jae Joong | 목요일 오후 11시 TV조선 “연애의 맛”시즌2 많은 시청 부탁드립니다^^ #연애의맛 #TV조선


목요일 오후 11시 TV조선 “연애의 맛”시즌2 많은 시청 부탁드립니다^^

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@gertacorati ...after that they gave me an invitation to go to their headquarters here in tirana and I started going there
@gertacorati ...they gave lessons about life and love and believed in God too but they had not Christ on their priority,in fact I don't know if they had heard of Him which I was surprised
@gertacorati ...I tried to tell them about Him but somehow they did not want to listen but I was always welcome there and the koreans that came were really friendly,I remember those girls that I met there were really good people
@gertacorati ...I did go for some years there but in seperate times
@gertacorati ...I think they still operate here and they even send students to korea for religious study but I think they should learn about Christ
@gertacorati ...they have this great opportunity to be in albania...that allows all religions however Christianity is growing fast here because the catholic church and the orthodox are working really hard
@gertacorati ...here close to my work there is an evangelic church and they come from asia
@gertacorati ...What about you?I have seen you post videos at 4 a'clock😊 you should sleep at that time
@gertacorati .. thank you so much for the dedications you make,nobody has ever been that close to me like you are
@gertacorati ...thank you😊❤️
@gertacorati ...it is time for lunch now...I will talk to you later about my teen life in tirana
@mmjj819 ジェジュン今日もお疲れ様! ゆっくり休んでね! 明日と明後日行けば休みだしジェジュンのために頑張ってくるよ😍💓 はやくジェジュンに会いたいよ 大好きだし愛してる💕
@beautiimayciiee @jj_1986_jj taste of love? ㅎㅎㅎ cutee 💖😇 화이팅 🙆
@yui_h_tomo1 凄くいい❤️凄くいい❤️
@yui_h_tomo1 (笑)凄くいいって言う人になっちゃった🎵✌️あのね暗めの髪色似合っているから✨凄くいい❤️と思いました🎵好きだな~
@clau.cortes.395 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽😍😍😍😍
@rose040604 질투만 하지말고 참여를 해요 ##
@__jyccc 오빠 앞으로는 필터 꺼도 될것같아요! ....
@chacotyx_3652_catjj 赤が似合いますなぁ😆💝🌟✌
@bunny_bunny_99 아니 오빠 나오는 줄 모르고 정주행 하는데 나와서 소리지름.....세상존멋😳
@5522sandra I am happy for you! Lovely! I am amazed to see how you talk about true feelings,about Love!
@jjbebe.jj ジェジュン❤️おはよう😆何回でも言いたい💖ずっとずっと長くいてね💕
@xxheroticxx Love you now and forever!
@jjbebe.jj きっとドラマ楽しみに準備してたんじゃないかな😢また俳優するチャンスはあると思うから、良い作品と時期が来るといいね💕今はカバーアルバムのプロモーションに集中してね💖楽しみにしてるよ😆