IG Justin Bieber | we’re with you bro @asaprocky go sign this petition!! #freerocky


we’re with you bro @asaprocky go sign this petition!! #freerocky

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@fernie.rod1961gmail.com3 Try telling yourself if you can actually say that here in america you can defend by saying that your mens is founded on the precedent that Stand your ground laws pervade in your mind. Do you respect the law or Mock yourself. I would acquiesce and ask for a bench decision.
@arissbocaa Yall do know they only did that because he’s black he was defending himself but I guess we people of color can’t do that anymore even if it’s out our country .
@call_me_farhan__46 Nice
@natgoldie2017 I don't believe in special treatment for celebrities. He needs to wait for his court date just like everyone else.
@anna_w1220 Trump will get him out. But I. The meantime why don’t you stop talking about the so called kids in cages and start helping the American families in LA that are camping out in tents for miles and miles of the LA streets 🙄. Instead of bashing the President all the damn time. Thanks
@marianlife78 Same dude you ragged on is trying to help out 🤦‍♂️ stay out of politics your out of touch buddy ✅
@lucious_young_56 What’s he so
@i776america You don’t need to sign a petition. My boy @realdonaldtrump is already on it.
@ricothegreat7 You really want black people to like you huh
@19marran71 Omg🤣 could you actually sign a petition in your country to let a person not take responsibility for his actions when you break the law?!🙄
@hundgud 💪
@bgrajeda79 @justinbieber your homie Trump trying to get him out @realdonaldtrump recognize that, or nothing good enough for you celbs ?
@n_tza Bro Justin u can’t support this he beat people up, and everyone that Will be supporting him now that u are don’t know who they are supporting he broke the LAW he is getting justice in JAIL
@alexander.mariska Me too
@fernie.rod1961gmail.com3 I havent quite decided what the hob nobbers have to really suggest about your striking another. There is a consequence. I will just say just think what the people must think. Is there violence in other countries. Perish the thought.
@bantonioooo V
@evsannisse2 Jag skäms över att vara svensk = I am a shame of being Swedish. ASAP Rocky did the mistake of confronting migrants from Afghanistan. They are by defintion Always victims.
@_mariinamora Te amo 💜