IG Miley Cyrus | @ELLEusa August issue! Link in bio! 🖤


@ELLEusa August issue! Link in bio! 🖤

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@bubbagump6563 @mileycyrus is a racist who hates us black people. When something happens to a gay person, lighter skinned immigrant, or white female she will go on TV or social media to complain about it. You notice when something happens to a black person she doesn't care because it doesn't fit her racist agenda.
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@youlovestefanie Waiting on that hit rock song you need to serve us already!!!!
@lindailgen Poor Liam. Wonder how he feels about the things she is saying. Must be embarrassing. Move on Miley and let him find his happily ever after. He deserves better than you. Used to like you maybe u should stick ti singing and stop doing interviews. It makes you look nutty.
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@whitneyjmusic Miley 😍 Have you heard my new single “Drop the Needle” by Whitney J? Check out my page @whitneyjmusic ⚡️ I think you’re gunna like this one 😏
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@masouddbehmanesh Pretty sticky indoors cool cold milry