IG Tessa Thompson | Takes Time.


Takes Time.

11 ก.ค. 62 - 22:46:27
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@simone_esq Beautiful ❤💖💛🌻
@the_heart_robber_sai 😍
@witchery_edits ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@bhandarideeptii my favourite ❤🍇
@roxyalldone Wtf i have grapes and so does tessa thompson? I love lyfe
@hue.kent This is you at the end of annihilation
@livia.jordaan Sauvignon Blanc.....
@imroborick 🔥
@madesharper3 Grape juice is god
@lauramscott1984 @tessamaethompson It definitely does take time. 👏👏👏👏
@_dailytomholland_ Just noticed the tatto !!! 😍
@goodsweat The hands are the mirror to the soul.
@marvel_is_taking_over_my_life still don't know what this means but i love you
@maggie_zhene2003 Oh my god she's growing pumpkins ! ! !
@eva_lalalaa Good things take time
@twenty.one.six ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@leonardo_1509 Huayas
@_crii06_ ❤️
@frany645 thank you for your availability in Paris tonight. you are very natural and of any beauty
@m0rteza_poseidon قوره😮
@amitaggarwal58 Beautiful
@saidmontenegrotapia201 Clear nature😍
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@shannon_tinker_ I like your tat