IG Halsey | rip headphone users + swipe for a surprise


rip headphone users + swipe for a surprise

31 ก.ค. 62 - 01:32:22
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@awjewell Dogs don’t care whether you are a CEO , a laborer or a mega rich rock star. They will love you unconditionally 😎🐕
@christarmy2013 Lmao😂
@laurauniqueselim1728 I have to baby boys
@erica.perri @pcdtraining stanley or what
@just_angiela OMG HALSEY!
@xlhkax والله لو أني الكلب أني ماقدر ازعل وانط الحس وجهك بعد ومافكك 😔
@iucdp ييياحظه
@jax0872 Awww..too cute! Reminds me of my Marley!
@_.loveablebisexual._ DOGGO 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
@debedolittle My 4 pound dog does this all day!
@rodneywildlife 🐆lollololol
@darrylwilson6661 Smart dog...🐶
@lil9exy My Headphone😂
@smallerwanderess I still think about this video WHY YOU MAD FREN?
@buzova554 This is my dog every day😂😂😂
@lin.a2.0 Awww Jager baby
@ashlee1977 Dear God I am deaf now! Lol that should’ve come with a warning ⚠️ lol
@jessmosd My fur baby looks just like your fur baby 🐶
@k.e.m.ical why is he so HARDCORE mad at you?
@harietlye Beautiful💕🐶
@villana2121 It reminds me of me with my rabbit
@brittani1125 Awwwe what's his name?
@mkz_neno So cute❣😍
@delhipoetryslam @elias_maekelae Kimmu