IG Nick Carter | We had so much fun at the @chicagochildrensmuseum !!! #children #parenthood #childrensactivities #chicago #kids #childrenlearning #fatherhood #motherandson #motherhood #happiness #notacareintheworld #roadpuppy #dnaworldtour #toomanyhashtags 😂


We had so much fun at the @chicagochildrensmuseum !!! #children #parenthood #childrensactivities #chicago #kids #childrenlearning #fatherhood #motherandson #motherhood #happiness #notacareintheworld #roadpuppy #dnaworldtour #toomanyhashtags 😂

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@schuyler281 This looks like Edventures in Columbia SC
@mrsgemmarees He's so beautiful 😍
@buenabae Looks like he got a head start on area 51...
@sapnasajnani Beautiful family ❤
@anaika.tais Odín is so cute😍❤
@jayyymar @nickcarter my heart is so broken! My boyfriend was a lucky caller on the radio who made it Into the drawing between 4 others for the meet & greet tonight. This is one of my all time top 5 dreams to meet you guys!! 💔
@alice_vinnikova We waiting for you in 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱please come back!!!💝
@adrianav042 🇦🇷🇦🇷💜🇦🇷🇦🇷
@albaman_14 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@neets1983 Can I get an happy birthday @nickcarter been a fan for 26years and it would make my day
@dancegirl_1988 Children grow up so fast, enjoy the time togethe❤️
@ng_81 Odin looks so much like his mom 💙
@d3lees Adorable pictures of all of you!!!
@disneyluver33 That looks fun! Next time your in phoenix Az check out Our children's museum. 😀
@nici_zickzack wow so cool, that would be great for my daughter 😍
@sarahcbatt 😍
@bsbmaniac How is @laurenkittcarter feeling these days? She's looking great!
@lucyw.1 @mr_spacko to Chicago we must go!!!
@sarahsaavedra26 Wow, he looks just like your dad
@rosaliemantaring so cute odin
@tk29wbspen @nickcarter will @laurenkittcarter and Odin be at Hershey with you?? If your going to the park I have the CUTEST 5 yr old little girl coming with me who would LOVE someone to ride the rides with in kiddie land lol .. this momma needs her sanity too attempting her kids 1st concert and Hershey park by herself lol.
@sarap1784 Soooo cute 💕lovely family 😍
@dori.levy Unbelievably amazing to see you balancing your work and fatherhood so well.
@ivy_.victoria Little Odin 😍🤗