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@alex_mar_69 👣👅👅👅😍😍
@azteka_original_14 Hermosisima😘😘😘😘😘😘
@gollll12345444 💋💋💋😛😛😛👣👣
@megbailey812 Like we know ur hot it’s so boring now
@ctm.xo Can you throw me a baby shower please ❤️ NY venues are like $1,500 😔
@1486.ben I like your pretty feet
@hawaiianboyatg I would lick those Beautiful toes & give you the BEST massages @kimkardashian
@tural.m1981 😚you my😚mayf
@tural.m1981 😚you my 😚nayst
@tural.m1981 ❤️
@tural.m1981 😚
@artur444_kayfan 🇦🇲🇦🇲ov haya layk
@alicia_onyx Family pics
@rabismur Hola corazo
@rabismur Hola corazon
@dalton_kahn_tran85 Hey. One more day intill Thinksgiving i never was into it. Now i try to have it two to three times a year. I have to work on that day but its kool to bad they dont pay me exter for working on Thanksgiving Datlon
@3193vlad Beautiful feet
@rappergirlsandkardashians Wheres your booty
@_negimedinmustafa_999 Bellissima 💋
@ariel_karma Beauty
@_nellyfromig_ Hey Kim I see and love what you are doing and was really hoping that you can help me and family.. I want to tell you a little about my story my father has been in prison for 9 years so far and charged with over 30 I am now 15 years old and never had my father at my birthday party or field trips or father daughter dances that I cried when the other girls would talk about it my father is in jail for selling cocaine yes he did something very wrong but didn’t deserve that time in the state of Indiana people are getting charged up to 80 years that I know of maybe more for drug cases... Kim I’m begging you for your help I need my father it is the worst thing for a human to be put in a cage like a animal over a non violent charge I need your help I don’t just want to help my dad and my siblings but many other kids and family’s going threw this. Thanks Kim hope you get this I know your busy. ❤️
@scott_alexander_irving Beautiful face, beautiful legs , beautiful feet 😍😍😍😍
@fusspaar Pretty Feets 🤤😍
@edgardodebernardi Bella!!!😘