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#TFBOYS #TheFever #6주년콘서트

12 ส.ค. 62 - 11:57:42
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@xiao_bu734 Eunhyuk oppa ng fans sama TF BOYS 😍😍😍😂
@xx1206_ 너무너무 감사합니다 😍😍
@leryi28_ 😍❤️❤️
@404moon_ you are the best babe!!!
@chiqueharohata27 the most talented,humble man ever
@lupus09_806 ❤️
@eunhuyuke44 I 2wanna huge you 💛💛.
@bluelovefrom.suju Lee ho-jae directs the TFBOY concert How I feel after watching it! Perfect stage effect, if the aid color is unified orange that is more perfect ~ Last night colorful should aid the light sea directly see meng forced ~ We also wear a special color jacket ~ I guess he's a little confused too However, Rice shot in the picture of their respective color areas to show the overall effect of a bright! The burst! Our best master dancer Our best director Devil journey fully reflects his excellent essence! Always surprise us The end of the work Even in the middle of the night Also regards misses them fast crazy China _ELF people It's our warm little box that's right! Yes, we breathe the same air Every breath is an expression of love ELF and the love of the old boys Always mutual ~
@bluelovefrom.suju This is my feeling after watching the live broadcast, thumb up more than 1400 people, I want to convey to you! You are the best! My English is not very good, mobile phone in English, I hope not overturned, expression error ~ love you
@bluelovefrom.suju 완벽한 무대 효과, 응원색이 획일적인 오렌지색이라면 더더욱 완벽~ 어젯밤 별의별 응원의 등바다는 깜빡 졸았다 저희는 응원색 상의를 따로 입었어요~ 그가 좀 어리다고 짐작되네요. 하지만, 사진 속 각자 응원색 모이는 영역이 보여주는 전체적인 효과가 한눈에 띈다!정말 터졌어! 우리 최고의 댄서 우리 최고의 감독님 지옥의 여정은 그의 뛰어난 본질을 보여준다! 우리를 놀라게하고 일을 끝내다 심지어 한밤중까지도 곧 미칠 것 같은 China _ELF에게 인사도 저희의 따뜻한 작은 상자가 맞아요! 네, 우리는 똑같은 공기를 마시며 매번 숨을 쉴 때마다 서로 사랑을 표현한다 엘프와 노소년의 사랑 영원히서로~
@bluelovefrom.suju 我用手机软件翻译的,希望不要翻车~想要传达给你这样的讯息,你是最棒的!爱你呀!❤
@kerronie 오빠 안고 싶어ㅠㅠ
@xiaocongtouya Director hyuk!
@dorayeyeyi 🤟👏👏
@talchic you’ve worked really hard for this right?😭 and now finally, you accomplished your dream!✨💫 for god sake i’m so proud of you. you did SO SO SO amazing 🥺👏🏻. thanks for your hardwork, i love you 5000 ♥️
@xiaoyu9902 易烊千玺实红!红海锤了!
@xiaoyu9902 小盒也好棒呜啾啾啾
@pencilddd 一盒崽真的超棒!!!!!!!
@__979wry__ 棒☺️
@jiang_hailan 哥哥,你太棒了💙
@404moon_ so proud of you💙
@hhhhheartbreaker love you💕🎾
@honey._baby__ i'm so sad😿your work is wonderful but the light destory it
@hjr_jia 好帅