IG Nicki Minaj | Link in my bio- 20 mins


Link in my bio- 20 mins

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@coriarchibeque ❤️
@mcfeemarquis Dgdhdsjdsjsj DS for d
@mcfeemarquis RT ayeyeyreriwirsirdor
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@ayooobeee We need another one ASAP !!!
@edit.by.gwen In the last photo your outfit looked like a hot Cheeto bag but in a good way
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@6900million @6900million
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@windowseat_xo Waiting on the next one b4 you have grankids sis @nickiminaj
@multiverseartlabel The only radio station worth listening to #facts
@debardines 👑👑
@jasonadamattride5 💋
@legendarylooksbyshe Nicki you should have @Milagrogramz on your show she go hard for you
@rellsogroovyy Hey queen, bad for you video should be something like what you did with Tyga for dip. That early 000’s camera motion. A lil oops i did it again by Brittany Spears. Ty dye color purple white navy blue, light orange and pink.
@rellsogroovyy Or some Kim possible theme ari and Normani as agents and Nicki you shegoo working with a man and at the end of the video you betray him and join them and become the Charles angels
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@redjem.haythem ❤❤❤
@zarza_marcial Loo
@imo.productions thank u for all that youve done. i grew up in an artistic environment and everywhere ive gone you have made an impact on somebody i know and or love. i am close to God and i know you are too. you have helped me grow into the strong person i am today and that is a Fendi Fact. God bless you Ms. Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty. You are Heaven Sent ❤️🌈
@naominamakaliza 🌸🌸