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@satyaranjansethi Trusting in Jesus gives us an everlasting joy and a promise of an eternal life with him. God bless you @justinbieber
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@segiasengo 😇😇😇😇😇💜
@almir.livramento Tenho certeza que foi a melhor escolha da sua vida . Mais vale um dia na casa do Senhor do que mil em outros lugares.
@almir.livramento Estamos muito feliz pela sua vida tenho uma filha que é sua fã nós fomos no maracanã assistir o seu show hoje ela esta feliz porque ambos propagam a mesma fé.
@vihrodrigues @lrodrigues1995
@delphinewifeofphilip Jesus is KING of all KINGS
@raetrackmusic I excepted Jesus as my savior I admit I'm a sinner on my way to hell.. I believe and trust with my whole heart that Jesus is the only way.. I believe with my whole heart and trust that Jesus is God he never sinned.. he died on the cross for all of our sins past present and future sins.. I believe he rose again the third day and is in heaven with the Father.. this plus nothing saves.. it's good to ask for forgiveness but that not what saves us.. what saves us is salvation repentance which is a change of heart a change of mind.. and believing the gospel of Grace.. if you truly believe this then you are sealed and saved till the day of redemption which is when we die or the rapture happens I did my research and the rapture can't happen after 2026
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@giddyyoyo we LIVE!!! Hallelujah thank you, Jesus is Lord!
@blossombows2002 🙏
@jamscarls FATHER CHECK DM
@cewewa21 Amen amen and amen