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3 ก.ย. 62 - 22:18:13
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@im_mmax I have all the airspace on lockdown
@im_mmax I’m the one that locked it down
@im_mmax I have an entire audience watching now
@im_mmax All this that we come up with
@im_mmax Honestly even I’m like wow
@im_mmax I copied the greatest that’s probably how
@im_mmax I have the power of now
@im_mmax I have the power now
@im_mmax I keep them powered all around
@im_mmax Dial the tone then I hit pound
@im_mmax They lost all there angels, now I feed at the mouth
@im_mmax I pile this all the way up
@im_mmax There is no way in now
@sahlttothemmax Is this possible?
@sahlttothemmax This is a new tv
@sahlttothemmax It has a curve
@sahlttothemmax I’ll tune you
@sahlttothemmax I feel like I just rap the whole book
@sahlttothemmax ‘Unique Feature of this Book’
@sahlttothemmax Who knows playboy might work
@sahlttothemmax You always have me here ohkay?
@sahlttothemmax No matter what
@sahlttothemmax Your too good
@israell_llucass 💓💓👏😍😍