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@james.czerny.5 Stop saying Rosé is skinny and unhealthy, have you already seen her eating? I mean she can already do a mukbang she eats a lot as in a lot she loves to eat so stop!
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@ythyuni i love u rosie
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@jasbinz I’m in love with this pic 😭😭
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@roses_are_rose3s Naturally skinny is like 5lbs underweight, not over 20lbs underweight that's called either having or had a eating disorder or some sort of thing that caused weight loss like a diet which they said they've done before but not anymore. Rose is not naturally skinny, she's dancing and moving alot and just cause she eats on TV doesn't mean she eats enough to make up for the entire day. If she keeps losing weight like this it won't be normal like Lisa has maintained being underweight (she's only lost like 4lbs since debut). People we are just worried for her stop acting like we are body shaming vs commenting saying we are hoping she's eating well like she says she is which may not be true.
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