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@mikaelamrnn 😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋
@marg1_d_ da cutest 🖤🌫
@xjak_ex Dm me @arianagrande
@westghostking @arianagrande did you even know either of the 2 choices? Cause if you did the answer was simple...
@jezebeldaphnem 😍💕
@ybncaleb_ 😍😍😍
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@isabel_del_toro_ 🤤🤤
@religious_monk I cared enough to last a year with you but you didn’t care about me and my recovery from witchcraft..you’re too young to care! @arianagrande I can’t deal! My family doesn’t care! I wanna know why everyone quick to talk about me but never had to put a penny in my pocketbook!
@religious_monk I don’t think anyone ever came in my life to give..I had too much for them to take but that’s how it goes! I’m really fine alone... last thing I need is creepy ppl mimicking me!!! @arianagrande
@religious_monk Nothing was marked on my calendar for years and I have a anniversary coming up with you! @arianagrande
@ab.by3750 You are so gorgeous 💋
@dylanworld_ I love that you wear pantyhose, I love your feet 😘
@gissmelany I LOVE SO MUCH
@l.joe4real 我喜歡❤️
@sophie_xoxo93 I love you ariana
@humbly.taog 😌
@religious_monk I’m not grumpy! I’m stuck in my room and life is short ...I can’t shake off the witchcraft... @arianagrande
@celestial.angel01 Okuuuuurrrr💜💫
@ava.ariana1 i love u but u will never notice me