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Me, all the time

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@lmayysam I love u🥺😔🥺❤️💘💖💗
@kar0nq Sən selena gomezsen özüvü niyə @ayka.sfrrva12 kimi aparırsan?
@hefsae Beautiful ❤️
@hey_you_457 🤮🤮🤮
@hey_you_457 🤣go aunty cry abt Justin Bieber 🤮🤮
@ethan_lyon_cortez_13 Same 😭 ~<13
@cattivo_oldschool ❤️i love you
@charlotte.olsenn Take care of yourself ❤️
@sugourney preguiçosa safada
@brenda_pali Like this @jeker_luca 🙄🙄🙄
@hey_you_457 🤮🤮🤮🤢
@marypc333 Autoimmune diseases suck girl I know...I have a rare one too...much love
@jeef_qeff عبد الكريم عبد القادر-بسيطة،2:50،you know what is the prefect thing in this life,thats is we life in the same house so when in one try to fire another Brother room will fire all the house,could i log in to your room i swear i am going to be Good i ll not waste yours and also ill not look to what you have to not steal it😂,selinaaaaa are is sitting next to the wall,you pretty love u❤️😊🍃😘🌹.
@glittercruz It will haunt you if you let it beautiful you have wonderful people around you use them to pull you out of this funk...it sucks big time I deal with this bs too why me I just want to feel normal!!! But the darkness pulls me in I’m on a roller coaster and I want off of it it lets me off sometimes but it’s constantly waiting to grab me and push me onto it again i hate that feeling of helplessness
@omartolouse 👏👏😍💞😘
@heart_0f_winter 'I Hope You Dance' is from Lee Ann Womack, incase no one has identified it for you. It's also a favourite of mine, and I can't keep a dry eye when I hear it either.
@milligram68 Same asf
@assaccount2000 selena...your necklace of tears are my love for you... i am a grandmother-69 years old.. i have followed you for years... i tell my oldest how special you are.. they dont make them like you & my daughter anymore... i love love seeing your new 2020 begining... you are soooooooo spcial .... you deserve the best man ever ... you have grown into your real young woman through your pain/ the joy i see in you is that journey ... i will always love your soul here on this earth & the forever we journey. elizabeth.
@1.priceless 😍❤️
@axelsagues Mi amor 😍
@msaddek37 😍i love you Selena🔥❤️
@officialmfresh 🤗💙
@soudehhhh 👏👏😍💞😘
@mr.kolesnikovmr2014 Не переживай красотка!Найдёшь настоящего парня и свою любовь!