IG Park Bom | 여러분 드디어 제 퀸덤 컴백 싱글이 나왔습니다~~❤️😍많이 사랑해 주세요~~🎤 #박봄 #퀸덤 #되돌릴수없는돌아갈수없는돌아갈곳없는 #되돌돌 #parkbom #queendom #NoTurningBack #Can'tReturn #NowhereToReturn


여러분 드디어 제 퀸덤 컴백 싱글이 나왔습니다~~❤️😍많이 사랑해 주세요~~🎤 #박봄 #퀸덤 #되돌릴수없는돌아갈수없는돌아갈곳없는 #되돌돌 #parkbom #queendom #NoTurningBack #Can'tReturn #NowhereToReturn

26 ต.ค. 62 - 10:39:01
86,398 คน
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@ziria_h85 Ur song was 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
@_riii8_ We love the song 😭🖤🖤🌈
@ravirabilll Fri ini lagu ny siapa dah? Judul ny apa? Gua nyari di yutub g ketemu wkwkw @ef.riri
@whoisthatgzb Has anyone noticed the 0:21? 😭
@kim_retae Your song made me cry, the most beautiful song won my heart, I will not forget this day, I want you to win really, I have no words to express your song, I will make it a ringtone, I have put the spring song now I will change it to this, your voice is very comfortable😭♥️
@ltzofficial This song is so beautiful love it and so touched 😍😿❤️🙌
@ichinose_satsuki im cry...
@yorsenpai Are you gonna release wanna go back mv 😭😭😭💘
@akirak1219 방송은 못보고 유투브로 영상을 보았는데 항상 오래된 2NE1의 팬이였던 만큼 눈물이 나고 짠한 무대였습니다. 항상 좋은 노래에 너무 힘입고 사랑합니다 봄이언니! 힘내세요!
@nmim_98 You're the most precious person💕I sincerely wish only the best for you 💕 fighting!
@juna8388 노래 완전 좋아요 ㅜㅜㅜ❤️❤️❤️
@cinthyarimarache Te amamos mucho Bomnie ❤️❤️❤️
@kpop.ahjumma I L❤️VE it!!! 😍 You were AMAZING on Queendom. Your final performance literally gave me goosebumps. Way to slay it like the queen you are. 🔥🔥🔥 So glad to see you back!
@fx_always5 💙💙💙💙
@msg.louie Miss Bom! You did such a wonderful job during this whole competition. You looked beautiful, you sounded beautiful, and you did it all on your own exactly how you wanted it to be! I’m so happy I got to see the performances, and I look forward to many more. Much love and support to you. Fighting!
@naraekim4993 One of your finest 💕
@paulinabaebae I love you💜💜💜 and the song
@amyblueshoes We love you so much Bommie. This song is just perfect... your performance brought tears! So glad to hear your voice again. @newharoobompark
@parkbomstagram21 Best Song of Queendom final❤️
@parkbomstagram21 A real BOP👑❤️
@gimj59478 노래 듣고 있고 있는데 너무 완전 좋아요
@neginsadatheidari I recently saw this competition and I just want to say you are so amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
@gimjinyeong128 여러분 드디어 제 퀸덤 싱글이 나왔습니다.