IG Will Smith | It took me 3 hours to put my underwear on. The stuff they give you before a colonoscopy is... strong


It took me 3 hours to put my underwear on. The stuff they give you before a colonoscopy is... strong

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@empressstrongj69 Had mine done on Veterans Day all is well glad you are good King! The prep is the worst but it is worth it at the end. Glad all is well!🖤
@dferrufinoo This video reminds me the episode un fresh prince when you get shot
@peek_a_boots I just heard that you had a colonoscopy. I've had two and man... the prep does suck. But once you start getting them (which is at age 50 for most people) and if you stay on top of them, there is no reason anyone should ever get colon cancer. My dad was diagnosed at 39 and died at 41 from the disease... he'd never had the test done because there was no family history... he was well under 50... and probably because it was the 70s... things were just different. I wish we'd known more then, but we didn't. It is important to note that if you have a sibling or parent with colon cancer, then you should have the test done when you are ten years younger than they were at their time of diagnosis. I am proud of you for being strong enough to have one and that you are willing to talk about it.
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@gods_property05 That propafal is something wonderful! 🤣
@mariadelpilarcabrerabrito Me acabo de enterar me alegro mucho que estes bien😘♥️
@patty_sepulveda30 Ya estas mejor precioso?
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@murphy4214 Thank you for doing this. People need to be aware and just get it done. My mother passed away at 46 with colon cancer. Getting tested early on versus waiting till your older can be a blessing. I’ve had 2 and the last one they found a polyp that they removed. I’ve went from having to have one every 9 years to 5 and now 3 because of it. Don’t forget to go back and do it when they tell you.
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@rilmarri2.0 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯
@meagenekelleher I’m 23 and beat you to it
@chloestewart6435 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@kdleeskis2 @willsmith what did they give you, dude!! You were gorked! As a nurse, I recover tons of colonoscopies.. we use propofol but I think you got some extra sumpin sumpin😜 and also have many asking for their fav adult refreshment!!🥂 Good on ya for being proactive and letting others know the importance of the scope!!👏👍
@mimzgaspar @tomflon @emerencedg @alexrigoff @alex_niknak hahahaha on a trop la même vie weshhh
@barbara_sgarcia @maria_tsantos o Will Smith também fez uma colonoscopia 😩
@igor_valerio_silva God is good my brother, God is good
@leah.swank @sarahhjones8 😂
@jenelle_mellor Thank you thank you for being so public about thru this. My hubby had his colon cancer removed along with 2 foot of his bowel, just over 5 years ago. It was such a scary thing to go thru at the time. If I knew then what I know now it definitely would have helped me and him get thru it alot better. It's been 5 years free of any more polyps. While that scariness looks to be over hes now had a totally unrelated kidney cancer removed and looks like they may need to remove the kidney now also as it's starting to fail. But I'm keeping strong coz if we can get thru the colon cancer we can get thru the kidney cancer stress too!
@leo_chagas01 I'm your fan and hope you get well !!!
@corey.forte I’m expecting Carlton to show up with a gun next