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@anapaulaarodriguez Que hermoso soss lpm
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@_abgs His reaction 😂😂 this is me @edithper24
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@idjabemolongua2 Amo tus series😍😍😍
@idjabemolongua2 Puedo ganar hasta premios por ellos me la conozco tan buen
@marinamarquessoares @danimnetto esse é meu predileto 😍❤️
@pa.pa6828 So cute
@ceciliafiuza32 Muito bom mesmo como não amor . Olha tenho muita admiração
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@chris16hatch Hey @prattprattpratt now that I have a lot of free time on my hands I desperately need to get back into shape and man am I struggling between what I should eat and what works outs I should be doing. I’m a huge fan of all your shows and movies and I’m just amazed on how you can transfer from one roll (Parks and Rec) to another (Guardians of the Galaxy). What’s even more impressive is your body transformation. How did you do it?!?! Besides the money hahaha what kept you motivated? I love food! Who doesn’t? lol but I also know what to stay away from and what to eat that will help gulf muscle. But I lack the knowledge of what workouts work best and I do not have the money for a gym membership lol please help!!! If you can’t find time to respond or even read this, no big deal! Still love you man! By far one of my most favorite actors! Please keep doing what you’re doing!!!
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@shanfrancisco__ My local California nonprofit NEEDS you! Are you able to connect somehow?! This is a long shot and guessing it will be overlooked but during this time we are assisting and supporting medical staff workers and families in dire need at this time. Please check us out and let me know if any type of sponsorship or anything at all is possible. Www.lemonaideproject.org @lemonaideprojectorg
@amandamissaliasoares Why you so beautyful???
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