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Isabella Khair Hadid Palestinian & Dutch @chromeheartsxbella Luiz.mattos@img.com Love , NYC
  • The Pink Super Full Moon 10:35pm in Libra 💕💗 we should all look up at this super moon tonight and send whatever energy and love we receive straight to the women and men that are still working hard...the ones who are sick...going through heart ache from losing a loved one.. I don’t “have” to work from home , I am grateful i get to work from home .. we have to remember to remind ourselves of how lucky some of us are.. Anyways, say your mantras...set your intentions... This is a very special moon. Talk to it. It’s not weird. We’re all alone together 💓Sending everyone sooo much love tonight 💞
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  • The girlssss rooooommm
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  • Rock n roll princess. Bday queen. @jessejostark
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  • It’s her birthday! My very special friend. I love you so much and I am so thankful for everything that you are. Baby love n Betty Lou! 4 life. @jessejostark
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  • ok, the series is over now. thank you for coming
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  • a girl and her favorite yellow jacket : a series
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  • (✿◠‿◠)
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  • Lucky 🍀 to get some Vitamin D☀️🌼
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  • Me , bored , fooling my friends into thinking I’m doing yoga during quarantine . @chriscolls @voguegreece
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  • A few hours with @chriscolls 🖤 @voguegreece
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  • chillin in the house like a good girl... 😇 From my @voguegreece cover story with @chriscolls @tonnegood @ward_hair @therealofficialfrankb
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  • This lil angel made my day....will give u some peace and a smile by watching, even if it’s just a minute or two ... 😇 if anyone knows her name, let me know ... I want to send her LOVE ♥️also would love this exact audio as my ringtone ASAP
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  • I guess ... follow ... me ... on ... tiktok.... if you dare @ babybella777 ...... also, don’t forget to wash your hands 💦👏🏼 💦 As individuals , we are capable of so many things, especially working together to change the world ! Let’s do our part and stay inside #isolationday9 🌍
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  • Me and my burrito telling you to stay inside! not only for the sake of just yourself but also for literally the entire world and all of the people that you love ..❤️ Its crazy because all we have to do is work together to slow down this virus and people are still having trouble understanding that.. don’t be selfish! meditate ! hang out with your dog/cat/fish! they are probably super excited to have your attention for 24 hours out of the day..!! learn how to knit ! tie die some socks ! write a poem to your mom ! I guess tiktok if that’s what you’re into ! find out your rising sign ! then learn about it ! and become ! a better person! anyways ... last thing ...not new news but... wash those damn hands people! to the people who are still working and the ones who can’t ... I love you and i am thinking about you !..❤️
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  • Me, switching up my looks in the morning for a nice day of self quarantining on the couch cc: @voguekorea @luigiandiango @georgisandev @hyunji_nam
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  • Getting the shot... @luigiandiango 🖤3 peas in a pod 🖤
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  • Hi everyone , my @voguekorea story by @luigiandiango is out ...🖤
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  • Feels funny to post about my work in this time of chaos but i also feel soooo very grateful for this moment with @voguekorea and @luigiandiango ... April 2020 ... LIVING AND LOVING, LOVING AND LIVING ... 🖤 Thank you 🖤
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  • Be kind, Be respectful, be aware ...🌹 As healthy young people , social distancing is not about you personally.. it’s a time to not be selfish , but to be thoughtful and aware of those with immune systems that are more prone to contracting. It’s important to take this time seriously to slow down the spreading of the virus... I’d say it’s better to overreact then under-react . Please keep your moral compass ON during these times and show compassion to others... Buy what you need and don’t be greedy... If you’re at the grocery store and you are fighting with an elderly lady over toilet paper, you are f’ed up, wrong and not doing anything to help the problem (😡😡) Lead with love and the world will heal... slowly but surely.... And to the people still working... thank you and I am thinking of you! stay safe and respectful out there , I love you ❤️
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  • Give us a glass of Vino on a Sunday @samvissermakeup @lilmami_lani
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  • Grateful for this beautiful Sunday 💛
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  • @Suzannekoller everybody ...👏🏼
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  • @vogueitalia 🖤
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