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🧿Isabella Khair Hadid🧿 Palestinian & Dutch @chromeheartsxbella Luiz.mattos@img.com Love , NYC
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  • Hope U smile when U miss me ☺️
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  • vitto mio dolce bambino🖤 @vittoria by @luigiandiango @katielyall @stockdale.charlotte
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  • Happy birthday to my fricking twin !!!!! How lucky am I to have grown up with my literal style icon🐰
    You teach me something new everyday . You continue to surprise me with how intelligent , loving, generous , FUN , hysterical , and radical you are !!! You make me laugh more than anyone , and always put me in my place when needed 😂🤓😛🥰thank you for being the sister that you are , you are so special to me and I am grateful for everything that you do !!!! I knew I wanted to be you when I first saw your star tattoo 🖤I love you !! Happy bornday to everyone’s best friend !! ! 😁@lanzybear
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  • Hi 🧿💙🧿I can’t wait to tell you about a project I started at the beginning of quarantine ... I’ll be auctioning a whole bunch of limited edition @chromeheartsxbella pieces made by me @ home during my time alone ... without too much detail ... long story short .... my family at @chromeheartsofficial and I are promising that 100% of proceeds are going to @yourrightscamp , @feedingamerica and a few smaller organizations (that I will name at a later time) all actively raising up and supporting the Black community, each in different and special ways to further the liberation of Black people worldwide ... making these pieces meant and means so much to me and I’m grateful to @laurielynnstark @richardstarkchromehearts and @mattyboy90 for allowing me to send the profits to where they are most needed ...so i hope you enjoy & love it all as much I enjoyed making it for you . can’t wait to show you 🥺
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  • Bugs ganging up on me but ... built a swing 🍃she’s not done but one day you’ll get the final I promise
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  • New work for Calvin Klein Swim .20 by @charlottemwales . @calvinklein #calvinklein
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  • I wish I had glasses that could make this play over and over and over in front of my eyes all day long ...❤️🥺 Real life angels singing .. Thank you to this music teacher too. Makes me emotional. So beautiful and pure ... @bjork 🙏🏽
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  • May 20.2020
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  • @calvinklein #mycalvins #calvinswim this was shot Pre-Covid 🤎 ... almost a year ago 🤎
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  • New @calvinklein Swimwear campaign💙 Heaven to be able to work in the water .. Shot by @charlottemwales styled by @clare_byrne . I love this team so much it hurts. Grateful 🙏🏽
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  • May 29.2020
    Day 92 of soul searching in these mf trees 🍃
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    Happy Thursday everyone. I love you
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  • My fearless son after my morning coffee and his morning bath. So grateful for this animal . Loves an adventure
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  • Me as seen by @ethanjamesgreen @patti_wilson 4 @helmutlang 2020 🖤
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  • Helmut Lang , Pre- Fall 2020Feeling super beyond grateful for this .. 🖤 Thank you to a few icons @ethanjamesgreen @patti_wilson @jimmypaulhair @hannah_murray1 @briandphillips 🖤
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  • “Pressed Flowers from the Holy Land” by Harvey B Greene, 1896💐 gathered in Jerusalem,Palestine ❤️🇵🇸 #FreePalestine
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  • Flower child🍯💛
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  • Happy birthday to our leader and protector @anwarhadid ❤️ if I wasn’t already the most proud sister in the world, I become more and more proud of you everyday. You are the most kind, gentle , smart , creative , curious, and enlightened boy that I know. I am thankful to learn something new from you everyday and lucky to be able to watch you grow. With your passion, empathy, and love for people, I know you are going to change the world, on the right side of history. For your birthday I will be donating to Doctors Without Borders specifically aiding the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. I know that is probably the only thing you want for your birthday ❤️ Mashallah Anwarcito I love you so much
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  • Happy Father’s Day Baba. You make me laugh more than anyone in the world! Thank you for my big sisters and baby brother. We love you💚@mohamedhadid
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  • I wouldn’t be posting this unless it was in aid of something I feel so strongly about or for a person who I love dearly! In this case it is both! ! A few months ago @edward_enninful and the team at @britishvogue asked a few of us to donate one of our most cherished items to auction off for the @naacp and @nhscharitiestogether . Of course I Immediately said yes , and sent Edward photographs of my favorite pair of boots. I wore these boots while filming our Miu Miu 2020 campaign in Barcelona and the minute I took them off, I knew they had to be sold for a good cause because of how genuinely special they were. Originally, they were just the iconic beige Miu Miu under the knee boot. Throughout the shoot while I was painting, the boots were getting caught in the mix, as well. Not only were they so comfortable , but they made me feel tall and strong. They are completely unique and I hope whoever owns them next, loves them as much as I do.
    If these aren’t something that suits you, there are so many incredible other options to choose from if you go to the website ! All being sold for the best cause.
    We will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the @NAACP and @NHSCharitiesTogether . Which I am beyond thrilled about #TheWayWeWoreAuction
    BIDDING : Go to @britishvogue or to my stories to swipe up!
    If you are interested, This is the last day to bid! 🚨🚨🚨
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  • Happy 27th birthday queen. You should still be here today. Living your life with your family. You didn’t deserve this... we need to get justice for Breonna and FIRE/Convict these disgusting ass police officers.
    I have added the go fund me to my stories if you would like to join me in donating to Breonna’s family.
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