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  • I promise DADS is a comedy ⁣

    Thank you for the killer @tiff_net photos @satyandpratha for @ellecanada, @ccphotophoto for @deadline, @celestesloman for @people, @leeorwild for @rollingstone, @peterhapak for @vanityfair, @graphicsmetropolis for @thewrap, and @caitcronenberg for @variety ❤️⁣

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  • Right beside me, day in and day out on the film DADS was an extraordinary producer named Meredith Kaulfers. Meredith and I have quite a few similarities: we are fiery in spirit and hair color and laugh big and loud :) Meredith is hilarious, not at all self-serious, and one of the most dedicated and passionate producers I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.⁣

    During the making of DADS, we all shared stories of our own fathers, and since the film is a comedy, most of the stories were a hoot and Meredith joined in plenty :) But she waited to share the full story of her father until recently.⁣

    On September 11, 2001, when Meredith was 18 years old, her father, Port Authority Police Sgt. Robert Michael Kaulfers, rushed from Hoboken to New York City to rescue victims trapped in the World Trade Center and died in the line of duty. ⁣

    Yesterday, I reached out to Meredith to see how she was feeling and she wrote back, "I was 18 on 9/11/01 so tomorrow being 18 years is throwing me for a fucking LOOP! Thursday means I’ll have lived longer without my dad than with him."⁣

    To Meredith and to all the children and loved ones of the victims of 9/11, today and all days, we will never forget those who were stolen from us.
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  • The first audiobook I ever listened to as a young adult was ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ during a family car trip as my parents drove across the USA. On my morning drives to high school (I’m not making this up), I played the audiobook over and over again. ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ woke me up in many ways and Offred’s story has been on the forefront of my mind. ⁣⁣
    Needless to say, I was gobsmacked and ecstatic when asked to read the audiobook for @therealmargaretatwood’s long-awaited sequel, ‘The Testaments.’ Ms. Atwood is one of the most masterful and iconic storytellers of our time. ‘The Testaments’ is magnificent and I still cannot believe that it all happened ;)⁣⁣
    Buy the print copy or download the audiobook today! #BDHBookshelf
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  • This weekend, I got to return to TIFF — but this time as a first-time feature film director!⁣

    To the people who came up to me after our premiere with inspiring stories of their fathers and father figures, thank you for sharing those moments with me, I’ll never forget it. A huge thank you to @tiff_net for inviting us to the festival and a special thanks to all the generous and hard working volunteers who make nights like these possible. 3k volunteers across the city of Toronto, busting their butts to support filmmakers and audiences! I wish I could thank each of you personally and cannot wait to share this project with you all:)⁣

    To celebrate with many of the folks who worked so hard to bring DADS to life is something none of us will ever forget ❤️ thank you ❤️ #TIFF
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  • Last night I saw @theatermitu’s HOUSE (OR HOW TO LOSE AN ORCHARD IN 90 MINUTES) and it was a spellbinding, heartbreaking, wildly imaginative brilliant creation. @rubenpolendo, the director and a mentor very close to my heart, along with the entire company blew me away — from performance to music to technology design to stage design. I have had the privilege of working with and being mentored by the artists of Theater Mitu over the last 20 years! The mission of Mitu is built on the foundation that great innovations are the result of a cross-cultural migration of ideas, forms, and practices.
    I had so much pride watching both new and old friends completely transform themselves and the space (so much pride that I kept nudging Seth and saying “I know them!! 😂). It’s a stunning piece that takes Anton Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard,” cult horror film “House,” and company conduced interviews to explore how families across the globe must again and again find ways to redefine the idea of home.
    If you’re in the NYC area, check out this show before it closes September 8! 🏠 (ticket link in bio)
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  • #BDHBookshelf 130-ish years ago, several trade unions and labor movements in New York City were like, “Hey, this fourteen-hour work day is crazy. Let’s take a long weekend.” And little by little, states honored a Labor Day! Eventually the federal government caught up and in 1984, the party *officially* begun with Labor Day as a Federal Holiday. Cue the BBQs, picnics, and parades — all events to recognize the importance and appreciate the hard work industries put into their profession. The unions not only did this (thank you Unions 🙌), but also improved work conditions and enforced a more official 8-hour work day.
    In freelance industries where having work isn’t always a given — entertainment business included — rest is often sacrificed for opportunity. Since our next job isn’t a guarantee, when we get one, our mentality quickly shifts to “go, go, go” without leaving any time or space to take care of ourselves.
    Unions and other labor groups can only do so much. We as individuals and a community have to place value on rest, restoration, and health. And yes, it’s even more difficult now with technology that allows us to bring work home with us. But today, I’m taking a true break (after this post 😉) and I encourage you — if you can, even 5 minutes for yourself — to follow suit.
    My recommendation: read a book! My Labor Day read is “Daily Rituals: Women at Work” by Mason Currey. It breaks down the rituals of successful creatives like Zadie Smith, Frida Kahlo, Martha Graham. And guess what? The majority of them incorporate breaks into their daily rituals because they know how important it is for mind, body, and soul to have time away from work to breathe, look at things from a distance, and switch things up!
    Happy Labor Day online family! Make it a great day and a great week :) #BDHBookshelf
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  • 🤯🤯🤯
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  • Jennifer Morrison (@jenmorrisonlive): you know her as an Emma Swan in "Once Upon A Time,” the voice of Catwoman/ Selina Kyle in the new “Batman: Hush” and soon to be in "This is Us.” But on top of all that, she’s a brilliant director! I met her as a teenager at Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s summer acting program. At that point she was already a pro, but she’s the kind of person who continues to train and grow as an artist — and it’s something always respected about her. As I was back then, I continued to be inspired by Jen! Her episode on Euphoria (no. 5) is fantastic!! ⁣

    Pippa Bianco is the director for episode 6 of Euphoria, but actually started off as a photographer and painter, which is probably why she has such a stunning eye for visuals. She made Variety’s list of “10 Directors to Watch” in 2019, won the Special Jury Prize at SXSW, and won the top prize of Cannes’ Official Selection in the Cinéfondation section! All for her extremely powerful short film “Share," which is now a feature film on HBO 🎉 I had the pleasure of getting to hang out with Pippa a few years back and let me tell you, she as a person is just as dazzling as her work. I’m constantly, constantly in awe of her as an emerging female filmmaker, making waves on the scene. ⁣

    Female directors absolutely knocked it out of the park this season in #Euphoria, and I can’t wait to see more next season!! #WCW
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  • As you may know, I only support products, companies, and initiatives that I am truly inspired by ☺️ Using products that are effective and sustainable make a HUGE impact on the future of this planet and as a consumer I am desperate to be part of the solution rather than the problem! Made using 100% renewable energy, #tidepurclean has been a game changer for my family in more ways than one. For one, since #tidepurclean works magnificently in COLD water, over the course of a year, I could save enough energy to charge my smartphone for the REST OF MY LIFE! ⁣

    Washing your clothes in cold water decreases your carbon footprint by 80%. Yep, you read that fact correctly, 80%! Using @tidelaundry’s new plant-based detergent in cold water gets the job done on a daily basis, and ultimately, it’s small changes like this that can make a huge impact! ❤️ ⁣

    #purcleanpartner 🌱
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  • ⁣⁣
    Some of you might recall I shared a while back that I was directing a documentary called DADS.  Well oh my goodness, it has turned out to be such a magical and meaningful adventure! As we're wrapping up post production and really feeling it all come together, I’m over the moon to share that DADS will be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival 🎉🎉⁣⁣
    @tiff_net is near and dear to my heart, and I’m absolutely honored to be there this year as a first time feature documentary filmmaker. And on top of that it’s the first feature I’m directing and producing under my new production company #NineMusesEntertainment ✨ So, many reasons to be overjoyed!! When I think about the many MANY people who were involved and so invested in shaping this project, I can’t help but get choked up because I’m so grateful for our entire DADS family ❤️⁣⁣
    I couldn’t be more excited to share with you this celebration of all the great dads out there (and they have some truly hilarious and miraculous stories to tell). More updates soon!! xo
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  • Working with #AntonYelchin, I got to experience his supernatural sparkle — a genuine optimism that he brought to every set and every friendship. “Love, Antosha” is a beautiful love letter to Anton from his family, friends, and collaborators. It’s the perfect way to keep his legacy and unstoppable spirit alive. And he was truly unstoppable. His daily battle with cystic fibrosis was a humbling reminder of how easy it is to take our health for granted, especially in an industry that hides from illness instead of prioritizing health. This documentary speaks to his tireless work ethic, artistic gifts, and deep love for his family and friends. I’m so grateful to have known him and been a part of this documentary. “Love, Antosha” is out today ❤️
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  • “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” ~ #ViktorFrankl. .
    #BDHBookshelf | When I was filming the first @JurassicWorld, I took an online class at @UCLAExtension about #PositivePsychology. On the syllabus was Victor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For Meaning,” and I’ve been inspired by him and his story ever since. Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) was a Holocaust survivor who devoted his life to studying, understanding and promoting meaning. While in the concentration camps, Frankl continued to study psychiatry and from that, identified key tenants of what it means to be human. His extraordinary ability to find personal meaning in such a horrific experience helped him survive and move forward with purpose. .
    Frankl was a heroic individual whose philosophy continues to inspire millions of people even today. I can’t recommend this book enough.
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  • What an exhilarating night! @prattprattpratt and i got to open @unistudios @jurassicworld The Ride! One of my earliest memories is being on the Universal Lot and sneaking away to ride Jurassic Park, so needless to say it’s a surreal experience that I’m now part of the ride! I’m still working to find a way to balance fashion and sustainability so tonight I found my @becandbridge dress on @renttherunway. It’s makes so much sense to me that I get to send this back tomorrow so someone else can wear it and feel as great as I do tonight.☺️
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  • Yes!!!!! A win for us all on so many levels. Congratulations to the US Women’s team! 💃⚽️🌈🏆
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  • Happy 4th everyone! Stay safe❤️🇱🇷💙
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  • Fist bump to one of the awesomest people on the planet: Happy Birthday @prattprattpratt Love you! 👊🥳🎉
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  • “A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.” — St. Francis of Assisi. Happy summer solstice! 🌞
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  • For me, the only thing as fun as making the #JurassicWorld movies is getting to participate in Jurassic adventures across mediums. Whether it's a roller coaster ride, a toy, or a video game, each is an opportunity to step back into Claire’s shoes 😉 The other night over dinner, my 7-year-old daughter said something very true, that actors have such a fun job because we get to bring the story to life. And she's so right! But with one exception! When stories become immersive and interactive, it's the *player* who brings the story to life. Nothing more exciting than that:) So Welcome to Jurassic World Evolution: Claire's Sanctuary is out today, June 18! @jurassicworldevolution. #JurassicWorldEvolution
    (Link to trailer in my bio!)
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  • 13 yrs married today:) Even though I have never once abided by the rules of wedding anniversary symbols - this year is technically our “lace” anniversary and I feel compelled to ask: who does this? And what does a gift of ‘lace’ look like? Plus, isn’t Seth cute? We were 20 years old in this pic - New Years Eve 2001! I love you Mr. Gabel!!! @stealthgabel
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  • To all the Dads in my life! Thank you for the infinite love, laughter, joy and inspiration❤️Happy Father’s Day! I love you! @stealthgabel @realronhoward @reedchoward @joshgad #henrywinkler #rancehoward ❤️
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  • Last night was a ladies night as we kicked off the first of the Striike “Now You Know” travel series and I had a blast sharing my deep passion for New Zealand! For those of you who may not know, I am the US tourism ambassador for New Zealand (lol I know, I can’t believe I have this gig either). We talked last night about the transformative power of travel and the ways in which travel can bring purpose, passion, and perspective into our lives. Another big topic of last night (something I actually don’t know much about) was wine and all the artisan wineries you can visit in NZ — it was especially cool hearing it from a pro sommelier. Hands down, the biggest takeaway was how the @streichersisters made me want to take a girls trip with my little sisters to New Zealand asap!
    Also keeping my consignment fashion streak going — I am never re-selling this vintage @YSL dress. You may notice everyone dressing appropriately for the weather in summer cocktail dresses, while I on the other hand chose (as I typically do) to dress for winter weather, when in summer.  It just occurred to me, perhaps dressing for the southern hemisphere? 🤔

    #NZMustDo #TNZAmbassador #TNZpartner
    @armani (belt)
    @gianvitorossi (shoes)
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  • Hey all! Some of my NYU students recommended that I share their favorite book from our class this past year! We all loved Radical Candor by @kimmalonescott which is basically all about how to be a great leader without losing your humanity — and of course these principles apply to all professional and interpersonal relationships. Anyone here ever heard of Radical Candor? Leave your thoughts about the book below and check out the podcast: Radical Candor! #BDHBookshelf #RadicalCandor
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  • Let’s do it, Rachel. You’ve been a constant inspiration to me since we were teenagers and continue to be an inspiration to us all. Congratulations @rachel.chavkin!
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  • 44 years strong and getting stronger each day! Happy belated Anniversary to my mama and pops (and the best godfather Henry;)! ❤️ P.S. my mom said their wedding only cost $800 total😳
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  • Date night with this foxy fella❤️❤️❤️
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  • Still blissed out on the fact that #tidepurclean is a plant-based laundry detergent that actually works in COLD water and is safe on sensitive skin. It truly is a game-changer for the planet! @tidelaundry #purcleanpartner
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  • This week was beyond memorable ✨ We premiered @rocketmanmovie in NYC and partied at Tavern on the Green, followed by an extraordinary last night in the city of angels, doing our final round of press. @taron.egerton , you’re absolutely brilliant and have one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever encountered ❤️ Elton’s journey is breathtaking and you have honored him by pouring your heart and soul into every single note! Thank you to everyone in the cast and crew for your friendship and wildly impressive talents - and to our AWESOME director @dexfletch, what an absolute blast it was to work with all of you. @bernietaupinofficial, you are a gem and an icon. @davidfurnish, your perseverance and passion for this project is the only reason we are here! And of course, @eltonjohn, the inspiration and heart of this extraordinary film. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, unvarnished, raw and beautiful. Rocketman is officially in theaters -- hop on board and take flight with us 😊🚀 (Fan Art: @happyendingmachine - 16 years old and a legit Elton John fan, the future is bright!’)
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