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  • For the last 11 years I have only worn what this woman has put on me. Love you @lesliefremar. Thanks for being my prom date tonight #BestStylist #GIG2019 #dior
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  • So much love for these amazing ladies who came out to support @ctaop last night at our annual fundraiser. And special thank you to @awkwafina for absolutely killing it as our emcee. Girl, I am truly obsessed with you and if you think I’m kidding when I say I’m moving in, just wait till I show up at your door next Tuesday ❤️❤️❤️
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  • I’ve gotten to see @boyziimen live twice in one year and honestly can say it’s a highlight of my life. SO much fun tonight at our @ctaop fundraising event. Thanks to these incredible dudes for closing out the night in the best way and to everyone who showed up and helped raised funds to protect the youth of South Africa ❤️
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    So stoked to have this woman present to me at #GlamourWOTY tonight. And just wait till you see her in @bombshellmovie. She will blow your mind. Kate, you’re a real one x
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  • Mondays amirite?
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  • Overwhelmed with gratitude tonight. Thank you #AmericanCinematheque for this incredible honor. And thank you to my friends who spoke tonight - you made me laugh, cry, and realize that my career would never have been what it is without the support you all have given me @sethrogen @macfarlaneseth @jasonreitman @pattonoswalt @davidoyelowo @nicolekidman @margotrobbie @tomhanks Kristen Stewart, Jay Roach, and Patty Jenkins ❤️❤️❤️
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  • SO excited to share our gorgeous @ctaop collaboration with @thelittlemarket! It was such a natural partnership and we are so proud to work with a nonprofit that shares not only our mission of positively impacting the world – but also uplifting every person's power to do so. That's the message behind these pieces: Let’s all be CHANGEMAKERS! Shop the collaboration today for you or a changemaker in your life – 50% of each purchase will directly support @ctaop's programs. Aaand since it’s basically already holiday season now that “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is playing in every store I walk into, get a jump on your shopping and click the link in my bio to purchase! #Ubuntu #IambecauseWEare #IAmAChangemaker
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  • Still bawling my eyes out from when @nicolekidman called me one of her heroes while presenting me with the @hollywoodawards Career Achievement Award. Thank you #HollywoodAwards for this incredible honor, and thank you Nic for consistently showing up and being such an amazing friend ❤️ I’ll go back to crying now
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  • My mom was upset they didn’t pick her to play Morticia so she gets this one night #happyhalloween
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  • Let me brag on this woman for a sec (even though she’s gonna kill me for posting this) - Beth is one of the producers on @bombshellmovie and worked her ASS off with us to make sure the movie got made and this story got told in the most honest and thoughtful way possible. Shes been with me through it all, the good and the bad, and she hates attention so I’m gonna shut up now! Love you Bethie ❤️
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  • Don’t freak people! An original, one of a kind @SETHROGEN vase. I GOT ONE! Thx Seth!
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  • @glamourmag #GlamourWOTY ❤️
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  • @glamourmag #GlamourWOTY ❤️
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  • @glamourmag #GlamourWOTY ❤️
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  • What an insane honor it is to be named one of this year’s #GlamourWOTY alongside some legendary women who are killing it across so many fields. Thank you @glamourmag 😘

    @gretathunberg 📸: Miguel Reveriego
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  • Last night @margotrobbie and I got to present the @elleusa Women in Hollywood Award to one of the greatest and most deserving people I know, @nicolekidman. Nic, I can’t tell you enough how much I love and adore you. You are truly the heart of our threesome. Tell Keith thanks again for letting us steal you away.
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  • 1m
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  • I maaay have been a little too aggressive with my hugging. That’s just how I truly feel about @aliwong. This woman inspires me on every level.
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  • This #DayOfTheGirl, we look to ALL the girls with stars in their eyes. We line up behind ALL the girls who dare to dream — and all those for whom dreams feel like an out-of-reach luxury. And we steadfastly recommit once more to providing the resources and support that the girls we serve NEED to thrive and shine in this world 🌙✨

    📷 by @leighpagephotographer
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  • Today’s the day! Hope you all love #TheAddamsFamily. Still pinching myself that I got to join this legendary fam. And I finally got some cool points with my kids. #MeetTheAddams
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  • Catch me and my bionic hand talking all things #TheAddamsFamily tonight on @jimmykimmellive
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  • Morticia stepping out for the #TheAddamsFamily premiere 🖤🖤🖤 #MeetTheAddams
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  • Somehow the woman who birthed me didn’t get the villain memo...
    No better way to kick off #HalloweenTime than at @disneyland #HappiestPlace 🎃
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  • I feel like I have to be honest. I’m in a new relationship. With both these ladies. For real.
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  • A philosophy I live by 🍰
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  • My heart is broken. Peter Lindbergh was a genius and an absolute master of his craft. But beyond that, what made him truly one of a kind was his consistent kindness, warmth, and incredible sense of humor. One of the best human beings I have ever met. I will never forget you, my friend ❤️
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  • Ass in the air, happy to be there
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  • We don’t wanna leaves 🍃
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  • Unconditional love ❤️
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  • This December
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  • So excited to share this with you all. Meet Morticia and the fam this Halloween! #MeetTheAddams
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