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#TheOldGuard on Netflix now! @ctaop
  • Thanks to everyone who drove in last night in support of @ctaop - especially this crew who are just as stunning with half their faces covered @aishatyler @nicholashoult @kylethomasbuchanan. Was so nice to escape the house for a night in safe way, and I so appreciate everyone for rocking their masks all night and keeping socially distant in their cars. Special shout out to @thegrovela for having us, and letting us experience the madness of Fury Road on the big screen again. Stay safe out there everyone, keep those masks on and remember #YourActionsSaveLives! #MadMasks 😷
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  • In honor of our @ctaop drive-in screening of Mad Max tonight, throwing it back to the point of no return with creating Furiosa. A huge thank you to @thegrovela and @CHCre8tive for making tonight happen! So excited to see this movie on the big screen again 🚘 🍿 🎥
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  • This is not an ad, just a reminder that @benandjerrys has the best ice cream in the game AND is committed to dismantling white supremacy! We love a bowl of Netflix and Chill’d with a side of racial justice!!
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  • The dream team right here.
    These guys were the geniuses behind the action, stunts and fighting in #TheOldGuard. @jeffhabb - You directed me in some of the best, most insane action of my entire career, and I left every day of our 2nd unit shoots completely baffled at your talent.
    Brycen - you were by my side in the gym from day 1, and were incredibly patient with me as I tried things I never thought my body could do. Forever grateful to you for letting me do 76 takes of my somersault down the stairs!
    Danny - you built the character of Andy alongside me, and somehow made an immortal warrior who knows every martial arts style ever created feel REAL.

    Through all of it you all three became my family. I love you all so deeply and I want the world to know that The Old Guard doesn’t exist with you all!
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  • Happy birthday to the most badass warrior ever! Patty, you are one of a kind. You’ve changed my life in every way. Thank you for being YOU
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  • Losing your sense of humor is the first thing that shows your age! #tbt #TheOldGuard
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  • 🎉🎉🎉
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  • Don’t be an ass, #WearADamnMask
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  • There is nothing like your support @thesamhargrave!! You will forever be my OG. Love you mad - now let’s get ready for Atomic 2! 👊🏻
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  • Swipe to read the tragic story of Danroy “DJ” Henry and understand why we are calling upon the Department of Justice to reopen DJ’s case. Please join us by signing the petition in my bio to demand #JusticeForDJHenry
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  • #TheOldGuard is out NOW on Netflix! Thank you to EVERYONE who worked their tails off on this one, especially my Denver and Delilah fam - AJ, Beth, and Matt. We’ve been through a LOT together and I don’t know what I’d do without them ❤️❤️❤️
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  • You will forever be my hero. Happy birthday @tomhanks ❤️
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  • @oldguardmovie kicked my ass. Huge thank you to the amazing stunt/fight team and 2nd unit who led that ass-kicking - Jeff Habberstad, Brycen Counts, and Danny Hernandez. Love you guys!
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  • Thanks @entertainmentweekly for letting me run around my backyard with a camera. My kids are now expert lighting designers, so long as sparklers are involved. #TheOldGuard
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  • Ok now THIS is cool. Thank you @ruckawriter and @leandrofernandezart for allowing us to bring your epic creation to life! 3 more days till you get to see this team in action on Netflix #TheOldGuard
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  • July 10 on Netflix @oldguardmovie
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  • Tomorrow. @oldguardmovie
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  • The Old Guard Trailer. This Thursday. Get ready. @oldguardmovie
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