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  • I feel like I have to be honest. I’m in a new relationship. With both these ladies. For real.
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  • A philosophy I live by 🍰
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  • My heart is broken. Peter Lindbergh was a genius and an absolute master of his craft. But beyond that, what made him truly one of a kind was his consistent kindness, warmth, and incredible sense of humor. One of the best human beings I have ever met. I will never forget you, my friend ❤️
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  • She’s baaaaack #Fast9
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  • Ass in the air, happy to be there
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  • We don’t wanna leaves 🍃
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  • Unconditional love ❤️
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  • This December
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  • So excited to share this with you all. Meet Morticia and the fam this Halloween! #MeetTheAddams
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  • You get to see our new Addams Family trailer TOMORROW! It’ll be a wicked time, darlings. 🥀 #MeetTheAddams
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  • I’ve been wanting to get into the reality/competition TV game for a while and I’m SO excited to present to you a show I’m producing: @hyperdrivenetflix. It’s basically “The Fast and The Furious” meets “American Ninja Warrior” and in my biased opinion it’s pretty badass. AND I got to drift with a fellow South African so that’s a bucket list item i can happily cross off. Check it out on @Netflix August 21! Swipe ➡️ for full trailer
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  • Time is RUNNING OUT for you to enter to win a chance to take shots and help me conquer my fear of karaoke with @junediane! Go to my bio link or omaze.com/longshot call to enter. And I still need song ideas so let me know your go-to!
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  • Happy #Pride everyone! 🌈
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  • In honor of #LongShot coming out today, I want to get a little sappy and share a few BTS memories of some the incredible people I met on this movie.
    Our incredible producer at Point Grey, James Weaver, who worked so hard he literally passed out on set between setups. This was a TOUGH movie to shoot.
    The beautiful and hilarious @junediane.
    We look all fine and happy here, but about 8 hours after that pic was taken our boat got lost at sea. In the middle of the night. We thought we were gonna die. But there’s no one I’d rather be stranded in the ocean with than her ❤️
    Our fearless leader, Jonathan Levine, who works harder than anyone I know and made a great fucking movie. He always came to work with a smile and never let our 18 hour workdays or below-freezing temperatures in Montreal get to him (don’t let the picture fool you, 90% of this film was shot in Montreal in the WINTER). 4.
    And @SethRogen. Where do I begin. I was fucking terrified to sign on to romantic comedy, but from day one you made me feel so at home and comfortable (except when you made me sing karaoke in a scene that was CUT. Still not over it). I never once felt like the token “girl” in a dude’s comedy, and I thank you for that. You’re the real deal, my friend.
    I’m so glad to call all these people my friends after this movie. This one is special for me, guys, and I really hope it brings as much joy and laughs this weekend as it did for me. Enjoy @LongShotMovie!! xx C
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  • My @longshotmovie costar - the ridiculously beautiful and hilarious @junediane - and I want to do shots and sing karaoke with you! Karaoke is one of my greatest fears so this is a huge deal for me. Show your support for @CTAOP and @domesticworkers and enter for your chance to join us for one hell of a night out. Just click my bio link or go to omaze.com/longshot (Our movie #LongShot's out on Friday!)
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  • Thank you @marieclairemag
    #LongShot #May3
    Photographer: @thomaswhiteside
    Fashion Editor: @j_errico
    HAIR: @hairbyadir
    MAKEUP: @kateleemakeup
     MANICURE: @jennahipp
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  • Exclusive look at my pre-premiere routine. I keep it in the family. #LongShot
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  • London you never disappoint. Thank you for an amazing night xx #LongShot
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  • When you wear a suit this good, you HAVE to close your eyes #ParisLife @dior @diorparfums
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  • Buy this book (it’s actually AMAZING) or @chelseahandler will hurt me
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