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  • Taking a moment to post about @TheGreathulu. I have been SO EXCITED to share!!! 1 month ago I finished a 10 episode series and the teaser debut day is here! Playing Catherine was the greatest gift. I learned so much from this idealistic young woman who slowly finds her power in a patriarchal world. It’s time to rule Russia in a different way!#TheGreat premieres May 15, only on @hulu! @TheGreatHulu
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  • Healthy carriers could be endangering or even causing the deaths of the most vulnerable: people 65 and up and people with underlying conditions. In order to help bring attention, I am joining the #IStayHomeFor campaign. #IStayHomeFor my grandmother, Mary Jane. Who do you stay home for? I nominate: @dakotafanning @nicholashoult @reedmorano @maxminghella @nicolekidman @naomiwatts And please let’s nominate MORE! We can only do this together.
    Thank you to all the COURAGEOUS healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, takeout/delivery employees, mail and package handlers and many others on the frontlines risking their safety and having to spend time away from their loved ones to protect our community. ❤️ You are our heros.
    #Corona #Coronavirus #IStayHomeFor #StaySafe #6Degrees #ThinkingOfYou #SpreadTheWord
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  • #tbt to Ginger and Rosa when I had flamin hair and @actuallychristinahendricks was my mom 🔥🔥
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  • So much fun tonight with @jimmykimmellive 🥳🍸💪 #ELBOW
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  • Justice and I in between takes during filming at the Blue Hole. Hot tub for actors only! #AllTheBrightPlaces
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  • Ending my Berlinale experience with a trip to the @lorealparis studio. Lipstick and champagne is my dream scenario! Every day is a celebration 🥂💄
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  • Everyone! ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES IS OUT NOW ON NETFLIX!!!!!!! This video was taken in our fav. hang spot, the hotel lounge. It was our last day of filming, so obviously we celebrated by performing a dance Brett made up to a song (fun fact) that ultimately made it into the movie. The camera work is by Liz Hannah, the voice in the beginning. She says, “I’d fuckin know” and ain’t that the truth! She knows all. Liz wrote the script and was our cheerleader in every way. The guy in the middle is our director, Brett Haley. As you can hear, Brett gives fabulous direction, “Keep Going. Rock it.” The guy on the far right, Justice Smith is the actor extraordinaire. I could not have dreamed up a more present, caring, remarkable partner. GO WATCH!!!!!
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  • Berlinale. I love you Salma, Sally, and Javier. I love this movie #TheRoadsNotTaken 🖤🖤🖤
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  • The #ALLTHEBRIGHTPLACES premiere! A special project with special souls. Tonight we celebrated a story we hope will make as much of an impact on you, as it has on us. Feb. 28 on @netflix!! Also, shoutout to my @gucci jumpsuit with chic ventilation. Can I wear it forever please, @alessandro_michele !!?! Photo credit: Rachel Murray/Getty 🔳◽️◾️▫️▪️🔲◻️◼️🔳◽️◾️▫️▪️🔲◻️◼️🔳◽️◾️▫️▪️🔲▫️◾️🔳▪️▫️▪️🔲▫️▪️🔳▫️◾️▫️🔲
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  • Yep. I just had to. Happy Birthday @dakotafanning I love you.
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  • @glamourparis Happy 💗 Day
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  • #TheRoadsNotTaken will premiere in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival. I got to reunite with my inspiration for life, the incomparable, Sally Potter. @bardemantarctic @salmahayek #lauralinney
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  • There are bright places, even in dark times. ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES premieres worldwide on @netflix February 28!!!!!
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  • The world has stopped. Still feeling numb. Growing up in LA, getting to watch you play and hearing your words of wisdom was a vital part of my childhood. I can’t find words that measure up to your excellence. Your drive, dedication, and belief in others was unmatched. I had the privilege of meeting you, Vanessa, Natalia and beautiful Gianna once. Your energy touched my soul and just by meeting I felt as if I had the power to do anything. Somewhere someone wrote that the best 1:1 game is being played in heaven right now. ❤️Beautiful Gianna❤️My heart is with all who lost loved ones in this devastating accident. A tragic day for LA and the world. Hold the ones you love very close today and every day. #8 #24 Your legacy lives on. There will never be another #Mamba
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  • Watch me take down @nicholashoult🤴🏻👸🏼 HUZZAH!!!! #TheGreat premieres May 15, only on @hulu.
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  • THRILLED TO BE ON THE FEB COVER OF @marieclairemag talking, ‘All The Bright Places’ !!! Can I look this way indefinitely? I don’t know about you, but bathing suits def count as tops!
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  • 📸: @GregWilliamsPhotography 👗: @DenaGia 💇🏼‍♀️: @AnnaCofone 💄: @ErinAyanianMonroe
    Thank you @JillDemling and @Edward_Enninful for letting me be a part of this bangin portfolio!! @BritishVogue 🤎
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  • Lynn, thank you for including me in the @wmag best performance issue for @teenspiritmov !! This was absolutely the best day with @saramoonves and #juergenteller in the California sun or in my case, the LA tanning bed 😎 Love you all!!!!
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  • 2020 mood
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  • Feeling like myself after a color session with @justjenda #blonderthebetter
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  • I read this book at just 16 years old. Nothing compares to making movies with your best friends and this is case and point right here. Ecstatic to FINALLY share Violet and Finch’s story! #AlltheBrightPlaces movie will be on @Netflix FEBRUARY 28, 2020!!!!!!
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  • Friends since the 80’s till we’re 80. Let’s recreate this look when I’m home. Happy Birthday @scarlettwildasin I love you 🖤
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  • Happy Turkey Day!
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  • 10 inspiring women are named @lorealmakeup #WomenofWorth honorees. Visit WomenofWorth.com to learn about the important philanthropic work each woman is leading in her local community, and vote for the cause that most inspires you to help her receive an additional $25,000 for her charity
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  • Happy Halloween from The Neon Demon herself.
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  • That little piggy had roast beef. This little piggy has @gucci
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  • @byellenm and I call this one the “happily ever after dress.” It is designed specifically to pay homage to the classic Sleeping Beauty dress from the animation. I’m free if the Disney theme parks are hiring...
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  • Getting ready for a girl’s night out with @dakotafanning #halloween #gogetyourwigbackon
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