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  • Couple of thoughts with @cobitheentertainer a bright young man with a bright future ahead of him. Was a pleasure to share the screen with you, pal! See you down the pipeline of dreams...
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  • Just wanna take a moment to thank these heroes for coming to support our film @tlfmfilm Saturday. These men have seen more then I could ever imagine. Their stories shook and humbled me to the core. We are privileged and very lucky to have been blessed by such furiously courageous souls. It was an honor to stand next to them on Saturday and I have nothing but the utmost respect for their hard work and dedication.
    In order of the photos... 1)York Kleinhandler, Chief Army National Guard Special Forces Warrant Officer and former US Marshal
    2)Jack Eubanks, US Marine Corps
    3)Everett Weston, US Army, President and founder of Operation Heal Our Heroes 4)Sal Taylor, NYPD, President of the NYPD Marine Corps Association 5)Mike Hyland, FDNY, Gary Sinise Foundation 6)Mike Brown, veteran and doctor, (brother was a Vietnam veteran and highly-decorated FDNY Captain Patrick Brown who perished on 9/11. Mike was also FDNY present at 9/11) and Paul Cotilo, Vietnam veteran. 7)Danny Prince, FDNY and US Navy veteran, Gary Sinise Foundation
    8) Group photo (all Navy): Shane Crowell, Jeff Aldridge, Steve Keeler, Mark Dimayuga. 9) US Army Sergeant Brian Shaw and USAF Senior Airman Matt Burda. Brian did two tours in Iraq. Matt did one tour in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.
    SPECIAL THANKS TO: Donna and Laura, Tenth and Pike Shop and Rob and Joe owners of #GreenwichTavern in TriBeCa for hosting us for the day.
    AND LASTLY... My friend 10) @mdceleste THANK YOU for everything that you do. None of this would have been possible without you. Your unwavering passion and 150% commitment to everything that you do, blows me away. I’m thankful we’ve met and for the great example that you are in my life. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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  • #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier @disneyplus 📸: @chuckzlotnick
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  • #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier #WandaVision #Loki coming to Disney+ #MARVEL
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  • #endingsbeginnings 📸: @shailenewoodley Coming soon 🚙
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  • Be grateful of every moment
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  • Thank you @nytimes for acknowledging William H. Pitsenbarger’s story and the incredible performances of William Hurt, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Plummer and Ed Harris in this movie. Proud to have been a part of the telling of this story. At the same time, working with these actors has changed my perspective on the craft and life forever. Out in theaters today. #nytimes @toddrobinson @tlfmfilm @roadsideattractionsfilms
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  • Sunday. Should be good
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  • the greatest post ever made
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  • 2020 #nofilter
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  • Midnight kiss #happy2020
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  • Thank you @menshealthmag for featuring me on your Jan/Feb 2020 cover. Guess I’ll have to try and keep this up in the new year!? 😳 This was one of my all time favorite shoots...Huge thanks to @richdorment @tedstaffordstyle for the collaboration and of course @carterbedloesmith who I got the chance to work with over 10 years ago on the paul newman GQ shoot. That’s two for two my friend. Let’s try to not wait another 10 years for the next one. Author: @lonlozzin ☕️☕️☕️ Grooming: @kumicraig and last but not least @donsaladino 9393910284 push-ups. We just keep goin pal...
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  • @tlfmfilm January 24th, 2020. I’m extremely proud to be a part of the telling of this important story. It’s been a long journey for @toddrobinson to bring this one to life and he never gave up or wavered no matter how many times he was told no. I wonder how many times William H Pitsenbarger was told “no” on April 11, 1966 by his superiors and comrades when he decided to stay behind and tend to trapped wounded soldiers instead of climb back up the very rescue helicopter he came with, knowing full well that given the heavy enemy fire, that helicopter or ANY helicopter for that matter, would not be able to return for him or the men he would be leaving behind. Yeah, I wonder about those heros that hear “no” DAILY and then do what needs to be done anyway. How about some god damn COURAGE to take on in 2020. God only knows we need it. It pains me the way these stories come and go and the way these men so often go unnoticed into the night, their every selfless act forgotten never once, never ONCE inspired by ANYTHING other then their WILL to do some GOOD and thus make possible these little things in life we take for granted everyday. I hope people see this film. I hope people remember. Too many things are being forgotten too quickly. Thank you, Todd for making this film. #TheLastFullMeasure @roadsideattractionsfilms
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  • Please follow @t1r1u1t1h and @k9sforwarriors and check out their auctions over next few months. Every bid helps our heroes and veterans. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Happy Veterans Day! #veteransday #veterans @travisaaronwade #help4heroes
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  • find your daemon 🔮 #thesecondmountain
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  • Three men and ... 📸: @kev_wrightway #ibiza
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  • The way back ... to Bucharest. 📸: the great @robertviglasky #355movie
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  • @boss thank you for having me and making me look like I can handle a damn🍸#hugoboss #milan
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  • @garrettleight and my bathrobe
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  • Hey @jimmooregq thank you for including me in your #hunksandheroes book! You are a legend beyond words with a beautiful heart and the keenest of eyes. Your work over the years has been beyond inspiring and nothing short of magic. I’ll never forget the moment when this 📸 was taken and how we got there...😎 🙏🏻❤️ #HunksAndHeros is out in stores and online now! Go. Get. It. #jimmoore #hunksandheroes #GQ
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  • A great night. Love this crew and extremely proud of our film #endingsbeginnings @shailenewoodley @drakedoremus #jamiedornan #TIFF19
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  • Go. see. IT. 🎈 @pwhauser
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  • Today, on Home & Family... #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier #d23
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  • Lots of Love and many Thank You’s from 2 old 🦁🦁! @ironfist1_
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  • After 7 years with @donsaladino I caught a good day, sucked it up and finally posted this... Been working with this guy through years of self judgement and mental wars when it comes to fitness and LIFE, and TODAY I’m giving myself a break and acknowledging the hard work we’ve done for @355movie (and this other small thing we got comin’ 😉) ! Proud of what we’ve accomplished pal! Love you. And thank you. 👊🏻❤️ #donsaladino #drive495 #355movie #marvel #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier
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  • ‘Endings, Beginnings’ directed by @drakedoremus . Working with this talented man is something I’ve always wanted. His work always inspired me to think about my own life, and this messy world we are all doing our very best to live in. He’s one of the truest, purest, most honest voices we have and if we know ANYTHING about LOVE, then we know he’s right and if we CARE anything for IT, then we know we must listen to him. That being said, without @shailenewoodley this story, this movie, this decade, this century and this life wouldn’t be the same. This is her story. I’m just so fortunate to have played a part in it. Excited to get this one into the world in September at #TIFF19 #EndingsBeginnings #Frank+Daphne
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