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  • BLACK LIVES MATTER #blackouttuesday
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  • A love song in the age of quarantine, this is ‘ACROSS THE WAY’ from the brilliant minds of @jeaninetesori and @lindsayabaire. Written and recorded in 24 hours for the @24hourplays, it was an honor to collaborate with these two from across the way! If you can, please donate to @24hourplays
    Special thanks to:
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  • Though it may not come as a surprise to many, we have been forced to postpone Sunday in The Park with George at the Savoy this summer. London is like a second home to me and I was so excited to be spending the season in that beautiful city finally bringing our production to the West End. But, in accordance with science, we’re going to have to wait. We will find another Sunday to bring our Sunday to you before too long. Thank you to everyone who already bought tickets (all that will be handled, not to worry) and I hope to see you all in the theater when this moment has passed. Until then, please stay safe and don’t worry: the beard will be back. Bigger and burlier than Broadway.
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  • Me trying to find @tomholland2013 snowboarding.
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  • Happy 90th Birthday, Mr Sondheim. It is my deepest privilege to perform your work. Even from the basement of my house. And to do it with @annaleighashford ... nothing beats it. #sondheim90th If you can, please support @asteponline and the wonderful work they are doing.
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  • It is a mad world but music makes it better. Thank you for this @tearsforfearsmusic #curtsmith @divabella
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  • We did this shoot before anyone knew of a global pandemic but somehow this photo was already focused on what’s actually important.
    Hope everyone is taking care of themselves and staying safe, staying inside. Sending you all strength and love.
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  • Leave it to my man @bosslogic to bring a smile to my face. We’re already hard at work on never bringing this to any screen anywhere ever.
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  • Are you ready for Sunday in the Park with George in London?
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  • Gee whiz. An honor to join the great @rufuswainwright and @tingalayo for #americansongbook
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  • Thanks homie!#husbandgoals Repost from @tomholland2013

    He’s the Mysterio to my Spider-man. Happy birthday mate. #husbandgoals
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  • How do you keep up with the hilarious & brilliant @johnmulaney and The Sack Lunch Bunch? Never forget your mini moustache and xylophone jacket.👍 (My sincerest apologies to St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band). #sacklunchbunch Dec 24th on Netflix!
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  • Singing Sunday in the Park with George in front of the actual George’s masterpiece with the incomparable Annaleigh Ashford & Jeanine Tesori and my Disney prince hair. Come see us this summer in London!
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  • $23 can change someone’s life today.
    Go to www.new-eyes.org.
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  • Felt cute. Might go try kill Spider-Man later. But idk... 🤷🏼‍♂️
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  • Forget the Biebers... We’re getting married ❤️💍
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  • Opening night of Slave Play. This show is astonishing, and the performances are peerless—that’s all I’ll say. Just go see it.
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  • These photographs were taken by the late, great Peter Lindbergh, only a couple of months ago. He personified the idea that freedom is on the other side of discipline. It was an honor to have worked with him.
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  • @gretathunberg #fridaysforfuture #climatestrike
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  • 1000 people strong tonight @seawallalife #climatestrike
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  • When I first read Sea Wall / A Life, I felt deeply moved — it knocked me out. When we decided to bring it to Broadway, Tom and I never could have imagined that it would mean so much to audiences, too. Thank you for making this one of the most incredible experiences of my career. 15 shows to go. #seawallalife
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  • Miss my scene partner. #spidermanfarfromhome Out Now on Digital
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  • BTS at Seawall/A Life. Thanks to my homies at @whrwthl @matterstore for designing our dressing rooms—many a nap has been taken in these beautiful spaces.
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  • So we opened on Broadway last night. The guy next to me is the genuine article.
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  • Can’t shake Nick Fury. He keeps following me, even at rehearsals for @seawallalife 👀
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  • It’s true what they say about Broadway. There’s nothing like it. Seawall/A Life. Week 1.
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  • Hour 19 of Carrie Cracknell — the incredible director of Seawall / A Life — teaching me ‘Chopsticks’. Kidding. I can’t play chopsticks. It’s too hard.
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  • An impromptu jingle from me and #tomsturridge that just might make your ears bleed. Come see us (not to sing this) on BROADWAY in “Sea Wall SLASH A Life”
    Get tickets at link in bio: SeaWallALife.com
    July 2019
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  • This isn’t just a sexy dad outfit. It’s my favorite look from Spider-Man: FFH 👀 closer🧢 #wheresbeck
    July 2019
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  • What an amazing weekend! A joy to be a part of this incredible cast & crew. And a big thank you to all the fans!
    July 2019
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  • Korea was the last stop on the Spider-Man FFH Press Tour. Gonna miss traveling the world with @tomholland2013
    July 2019
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