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  • @USWNT Games:⁣

    • June 11 vs Thailand at 3pm ET on @foxsports • June 16 vs Chile at 12pm ET on @foxsports
    • June 20 vs Sweden at 3pm ET on @foxsports
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  • Who doesn’t love confetti... right @jamesmcavoyrealdeal? #darkphoenix
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  • From Russia with Love 🏳️‍🌈 #pride
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  • Welcome to my new game show: “What Percentage Less?”⁣

    Thrilled to be a part of the @beyondmeat movement. Congrats on going public!
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  • I can’t believe that I survived.
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  • Michael’s ability to stay calm is B A N A N A S. No monkeying around with him. Best of the bunch. We’re apples and oranges. He doesn’t give a fig. #darkphoenix
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  • Unreleased footage from my #DarkPhoenix audition.
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  • You gotta get with my friends. #darkphoenix
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  • James has a tendency to always look in the wrong direction. It’s why shooting movies with him takes longer to release. Thanks @jamesmcavoyrealdeal... #darkphoenix
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  • My #gameofthrones theory:⁣⁣
    ⁣Sansa ends up on the Iron Throne⁣⁣
    Arya becomes the hand of the Queen⁣⁣
    Daenerys kills Jon Snow⁣⁣
    Arya kills Daenerys⁣⁣
    Tyrion continues to sh💩t the bed ⁣⁣
    And I miss all of it because I'm traveling.
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  • Our Mexican fans have big hearts AND big hats. Love these sombreros! #darkphoenix
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  • Happy #xmenday! What’s your super power? Mine is I’m double jointed...also mind control.  Thanks for the amazing art @mutanteorgulhosobr!
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  • What a bunch of losers. #ITMovie
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  • The best part of my job is getting to play dress up. The worst part is when I have to give the clothes back.
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  • Chaplin and I weren’t on speaking terms when this photo was taken. He tried to roll in a pile of garbage, and I strongly advised against it. He’s a total 🤡
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  • Power posing through the end of the work week. Happy Friday!
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  • @OmazeWorld is offering a chance to come LA to watch the #DarkPhoenix with yours truly.  We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll be haunted by my translucent eyebrows!! Link in bio, you know what to do⚡
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  • Don’t mind me - out here in Paris putting the “effort” into “effortless” 💅🏻 #ParisianBeautySecrets (For all the comments asking me about my perfume- It’s WOMAN by Ralph Lauren)
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  • Tried the #iamyourvalentine challenge with my honey, Gianluca. The internet says do this hand gesture and they’ll be putty in your hands. 🤔
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  • Me and my spirit animal @sophiet in Paris dancing the can-can on our press tour for #DarkPhoenix - as one does
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  • Every time I’m in Paris I fall in love again- the energy, the history, the car that honked at me to get out of the road while I was taking this. Paris, je t’aime ❤
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  • June 7 #darkphoenix
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  • This makes me so happy ❤️ #Repost @iisuperwomanii
    I love Bollywood and I love rap music, so I decided to collide both worlds and remake one of my favorite filmi songs into a rap anthem. Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai is a CLASSIC and so I wanted to pair it with some modern wisdom I’ve gained over the years. Growing up I was often taught a “right” and “wrong” way to be a woman. I was told exposing your body too much isn’t good, fair skin is the goal, having a tummy isn’t beautiful and subconsciously that other people could/would and should make judgements about you. I believed all of this for some time in my life because I didn’t know another way. As I’ve grown up, I’ve proactively made an effort to unlearn a lot of these things and this song represents that growth in a nutshell. Shout outs to all my sisters who love to cover up and to those who love to show it all. Shout outs to my sisters who enjoy reading books, cooking and/or flexing on a pole. Shout outs to my light, dark and everything in between sisters. Shout outs to all my sisters with PHAT stretch marks. Shout outs to my working women and stay at home moms. It’s YOUR choice. Regardless of all the things we’ve been taught and told, you’re beautiful and deserve respect. Tag a sister you love and let her know she’s AMAZING.
    For those of you wondering, yes this is a repost. A few weeks ago I posted this video but the publisher took it down because it featured a sample from Choli. I was devastated because I believe in the message of this song and so I begged and pleaded to let it slide, but legally that’s not my decision to make and I respect that. Having said that, I found it important to remake the instrumental and try my best to give the song flavour again. So here is my alternate remake, inspired by Choli Ke Peeche Kya hai. I hope it inspires you just the same. Thank you @durranibros or making this happen. And thank you all for sharing the love x
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  • I’ll be in my office 💙
    #Repost @justbecauseitsbeauty @ralphlauren @tyronmachhausen @renatocampora @elizabethstewart1
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