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  • #10yearchallenge #challengeaccepted ♥️
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  • New year, new goals! 💪🏼you always ask me how to stay motivated and focused on my goals...new workout gear always works for me!😉😉 Link to shop this @NiyamaSol look in my story. #NiyamaSol #JLoxNiyamaSol
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  • When you have a job interview at 3 and a Mrs Doubtfire audition at 4...that’s a #SecondAct 😉💥
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  • “This moment in time, for women, this is kind of a revolution...an emotional, kind of spiritual revolution that's affecting the world. A storm that we're creating, kicking up a little bit of dust and letting people know that we're here to stay, and we understand our power, and our value, and our worth. And that's only going to grow...I don't ever want to be told I can't do anything that I want to do. I'm gonna do it.” 💥 - read the full @harpersbazaarus interview thru the link in my stories NOW 💋
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  • BIG news, everyone! I'll be performing the @ElvisPresley classic Heartbreak Hotel at the #ElvisAllStarTribute airing Sunday, February 17 on @nbc!
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  • Our little engine that could... 🚂 #secondact in theaters now!
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  • It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and trouble makes change. Say hello to @GoodTrouble premiering this Tuesday, January 8th at 8/7c on @FreeformTV. Produced by Nuyorican Productions, @egt239 and directed by @jonmchu #GoodTrouble
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  • In case you missed it! My NYE performance. Here’s to a #limitless 2019. 🥂✨
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  • #WorldOfDance is baaaaack! I can’t WAIT for you to see this season🤩🤩🤩—we’ve got some new contestants, a new host, and you gotta WORK to qualify, the pressure is ON...but it’s still me and the boys! Here’s a sneak peek! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Feb 26!!
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  • About last night... Perfect way to start the year... Love that they still wanna fall asleep in Mama’s arms ♥️♥️🙏🏼
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  • I love the first day of a new year... I think because of the endless possibilities and new adventures that lie ahead ... and the opportunity to do things not ever done before!!! On the first day of this New Year I am very pensive and super calm... but also ready and excited to get after reaching some of my goals I’ve yet to accomplish. The past year was one of realizing our limitless power and this year will be putting that into serious action!! So be daring, be fun, be kind, be courageous , be dependable, be committed to what makes your heart sing and your spirits soar.. be relentless in the pursuit of your passions. And most of all be loving. Unify when you have the chance, never divide! And just watch what happens!!! Wishing you all a healthy, happy, prosperous and joy filled New Year.... Be #limitless HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I love you all so much!! #theonlythingstoppingyouisyou
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  • #SecondAct for New Years anyone? No better movie to jumpstart 2019 on the right foot!! 🥰 Tag the friend who will help you keep those resolutions then bring them to the movie as a treat ♥️
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    I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the video... so here is what I wanted to say with it... There is a little girl or boy inside all of us who’s always there no matter how old we are and that little person is the one who’s always fighting and getting back up and helping us thru every moment. The one we need to protect but also keeps us optimistic and full of hope...The hill symbolized life itself and how when you’re born a woman from the get it’s an uphill battle it’s a struggle. At the beginning of the video I am standing there and there is a change in the weather and the lil girl in me is chasing after one of the leaves 🍁... the storm gets more intense...the girls in the RED hallway represent the women of today...a strong army of women on fire (red 👠 and tights) who are actually creating this storm!! This storm of change which eventually reaches all the way to the ocean 🌊 changing the world... they have realized their power, drawing on one another’s strength and removing a suit that doesn’t quite fit, revealing that they are stronger, more beautiful and more unstoppable together in unison and in their own skin...at the end of the video we find that what our girl was chasing all along, what she was searching for was always there inside of her. It was the realization that she and all the limitless power she could ever need is right there in her. Always was. Always will be... #limiltess #theonlythingstoppingyouisyou #SECONDACT
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  • Just a lil’ ukelele by the fire 🔥 #beauties #allihave
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  • Waking up to hear so many of you saw the movie on Christmas Day was the BEST 🎁 ever!!! Thank you for supporting us and the film! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 LOVE YOU ALL!! #SecondAct
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  • LOL... the #SECONDACT fam having a lil fun as per usual... movie in theatres now!! #Secondact ♥️♥️🎄🎄🎁🎁
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  • Christmas 2018 #gratitude #peace #love #joy WISHING YOU ALL THE MERRIEST CHRISTMAS EVER. Love you 😘
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  • Me and your fave @egt239 discuss how we navigated our career changes that got us here today! #SecondAct’s come in many different ways and it brought us together! Listen to @secondlifepod’s latest episode on @iTunes Podcast or check the link in my stories 🥰
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  • Bts of my lil’ limitless warrior on the set of our new video LIMITLESS!!! #fearless #effortless #timeless #priceless
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  • I’ve been reading the love from my fans and want to thank everyone who’s seen and LOVED #SecondAct!!! 🥰🥰🥰We enjoyed making this movie so much and think its perfect for the holiday season🎄I wanted this movie to inspire and give hope and hearing about your second acts has been wonderful and very moving. Go check it out with your loved ones and feel all the joy!!😊😘
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  • It’s here!!! Happy Release day!!! #SECONDACT our new movie is in theaters today!! Grab your faves and go see it...it’s the perfect holiday feel good movie!!! I promise you will laugh, cry and leave feeling awesome and inspired!! SECOND ACT... “The only thing stopping you is YOU!!!”♥️🎄♥️💋
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  • Almost time! #LIMITLESS! Chat and premiere! One hour!!! @youtubemusic, 🔗 in bio, let’s goooo!!! Can’t wait! I’ll be there...💋
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  • It’s time...the video for #Limitless the anthem from #SecondAct debuts TOMORROW at 12:30pm EST only on @youtubemusic and I’ll be there to chat with you as it debuts. Head to the 🔗 in my bio and get queued up now...but here’s a sneak peek because I ♥️ U....get ready💃🏽🌞🍂🕶
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  • About last night!!! Happy Birthday @siamusic This amazing artist and songwriter wrote the anthem #limitless for my new movie Second Act which is out this Friday the 21st!!! Aaaanddd.... the Video for Limitless which I directed will be debuted tomorrow at 1PM EST with a live YouTube chat with me!! Tune in!!! We are Limitless!! #HappyBirthdaySia 💕💕💕💕🎂 @youtubemusic
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  • FRIDAY! #SecondAct coming at you and bringing all the love and goosies for the holidays! Can’t wait!🥰🎄🥰 Tag your champ 🥊
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  • Show your #gratitude this holiday season🎄 Get a LIMITED EDITION @niyamasol Gratitude SolBox that includes leggings 🦵 designed by ME (you can only get them in this box!!) Limited quantities available of this perfect stocking stuffer available NOW on NiyamaSol.com
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  • When I was 16 I was fascinated with Vogue magazine I would ride on the train and look at all the images of the supermodels and I was obsessed with the hair!! When I saw an image I loved I would check who did it and it was always someone named Oribe... Wow... he’s amazing I would think!! Cut to years later I was making my first album. I started working with Benny Medina and he said to me we have to do an album cover shoot who do you want for hair and makeup... honestly I was so new to the industry I knew no one and remembered my time flipping thru those magazines on the 6 and said ummm Oribe and Kevin Aucoin... Benny laughed and said oh OK! The next 10 years I would spend with Oribe by my side in every waking and working moment. We fell in love with each other. We traveled the world together. And along with Scott Barnes they helped me blossom into JLO. It was a magical and exhausting time...And when I was tired he would say to me... “You are gonna get up and go out there and be beautiful and fabulous bc that your job!!” We’d laugh bc that sounded crazy and then we would get to the business of doing our “job” !! He made me love the glam part of things. Bc he loved it so much and saw it as a powerful tool to empower women. He loved beauty and wanted women to feel beautiful and sexy. He loved the messiness and the imperfection and saw how interesting that was. He was a true artist.
    He made me feel special and beautiful for so long. I could go on and on but I will just say with a heavy heart... Thank you sweet, beautiful man... I will miss you. I love you Oribe... so much... 💔#latinolegend #artistextraordinaire #hairgod #familia
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  • You guys!!!! I can’t wait for you to see this movie!!! Opens this Friday!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 #secondact
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  • Esta princesa me robó el corazón esta mañana en Despierta America 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
    This Lil princess stole my heart this morning on Despierta America #SecondAct #PrincessesWearPink 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
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  • What a year it has been with my love 💕💕💕 #SECONDACT 💕💕💕
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  • Glam by @scottbarnes68 @chrisappleton1 @robzangardi @marielhaenn @giambattistavalliparis @miskellyjohnson
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